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Begum Jangi Date

Begum Jangi Date

In Islam dates have considerable value; this was the favorite fruit of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Many Hadiths and verses are present related to this magnificent fruit. In Pakistan, more than 150 varieties are grown in the areas like Sindh and Balochistan, but among all these very few are commercially viable. Dates are grown in deserted areas. Dates are of different quality and texture some dates are soft with soft flesh their moisture value is higher and are quiet sugary. This is a very delicate variety of date, which is manually produced, cautiously handled and are kept in refrigerators to avoid worsening.


Some varieties similar to these are Karba, Rabbi, Begum Jangi and Aseel. Among these Begum Jangi dates are very tender and delicious, they look a lot like the dates grown in Turbat that are known as Sukkur Asil which are grown in the area of Balochistan Province. These are slightly smaller in size than Sukkar Asil and less in moisture than these dates. The ideal time period of harvesting Begum Jangi dates is from 15th August to 14th September. These are best quality dates having a delightful taste and texture.

Begam Jangi can be stored for a long time period. These dates are mostly available in big super markets, mainly in markets of Quetta and Karachi. If in Balochistan better facilities are provided to the farmers than the quality of these dates can be improved more. Began Jangi is mostly produced in Mawach Khail, Proom, Turbat, Panjgur and Tump.


Dates from Turbat are known as Begum Jangi. These are yellowish-red in color and it was named after a warrior woman who in the beginning planted them.  These dates are rich in nutritious and are very beneficial for nursing mothers. These are very essential in the treatment of gastric ailments. While conversely, Masafati and Basra are ferment easily and are slow to digest.

These dates can be used as a snack or can be avail in making delicious recipes. These dates have a good shelf life and can be preserved for a long time. Begum jangi are naturally sweetened and are rich in calcium, magnesium, copper, magnesium, vitamin and contain numerous essential nutrient value.


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  1. A very informative site.Could you please tell, is the Dhakki of Waziristan (KPK) a different variety from the Dhakki of DI Khan, or both are the same.Thanks

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