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In 1942, Bata was first established in Pakistan. The company was ready to serve the country. In Pakistan, Bata was integrated as Bata Shoe Company (Pakistan) Limited in 1951 and was introduced to the people in1979. From the beginning the company has maintained its repute by providing best quality foot wear in the society and changes the design according to the fashion and trend.

Bata has about four hundred Stores and Agencies, twenty three Distributors, thirteen Whole sale depots and about four hundred Whole sales Dealers in the market.17.2 million pairs were produced by Bata and they sold about 16.9 out of them and in 2009 the amount grew to Rs, 6.5 billion which was almost 26% more. The company also exports their products so that they can earn foreign exchange for the country and has developed Export Department.

bata outlets

             In 2010, they exported about 1 million pairs of foot wear to European and African countries of various styles. It has helped Pakistan in its economic progress, as it is a multinational company. The company has given advance technology and business skills to Pakistan and has given employment to almost 10,000 people. Bata purchases the raw material from the local market, which also helps the local market economy. The brand has provided a variety of foot wear to the school going children, to the working people and even to the people who stay at home and they are so comfortable and affordable for the people of every class. The strength of Bata is in its vast variety, they prepare shoes for all age group of men, women and children. From formal wear, to casual wear, to home slippers, every kind of variety of foot wear is produced by the company.

The company is also involved in charitable activities and helps the organization by providing free shoes and helps them also in the form of cash. The organizations which they help are S.O.S Children Village, Rising Sun Institute and Shaukat Khanam. They also run welfare schemes for the employees. The company has been the leader of the market and has invested millions of rupees to maintain the standard. They are trying to expand and modernize the company through their activities, so they can also provide additional employment opportunities. So, one should visit such affordable brands for their comfort, as it provides the best products in the market and serves the nation at its best.

bata shoes for SOS children

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