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Baskety – basket weaving

Baskety – basket weaving

Basketry or basket weaving is a skill used in weaving willow or vegetable fibers. Many magnificent and marvelous products are made with this skill in Pakistan. The most popular type of this basket weaving skill is the Indian basketry as it is known in all over the world. Other than willows and fibers, stems, pine straw, hides, animal hair, and different kinds of grass are used in making these well-formed baskets. This work is also done on a large scale in Asia side as it is a great source of earning for South Asian people.

The basic structure of a baskets made in Pakistan consists of a base, rim and boundary usually known as side walls. A handle on the top of a basket can be added to make it look more ravishing. In the making of these baskets, various techniques are used to produce elegant baskets like coiled baskets, container baskets and baskets of other such types. Nowadays, baskets are not only made for keeping laundry items or carrying shopping items, but there are many techniques discovered now by which you can create any type of basket. Pakistani women love to keep weaved items and purses. Moreover, these items are also exported to other cities and countries as well.

This skill of basket weaving is best known among all the provinces of Pakistan especially in Punjab side and this work is done with interest and enthusiasm as the people there are skilled in weaving these baskets. This handicraft has gained so much popularity in Pakistan now that you can even learn this skill in different institutes. Basketry has maintained its importance from past days and still it is praised and appreciated by the Pakistani people. Many products of this handicraft are also placed in different exhibitions to highlight the devotion of people in this skill.

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