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Bara Market Rawalpindi

Bara Market Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a fully lively city, which would amaze you with its life intensity and friendliness. If Islamabad characterizes the open-minded aspect of Pakistan, Rawalpindi symbolises the antiquated traditional charm of primitive Pakistan. There is no shortage of popular vacationer fascinations in Rawalpindi. If you are intending a tour of cities of Pakistan, then Rawalpindi would be a complete traveller site for you to visit. Rawalpindi is well known for its appealing colonist houses and avenues. Its rich traditional mixture and its vibrant bazaar which are always jam-packed with people and form relatively popular tourists temptations of Rawalpindi.

Rawalpindi is distributed into an old city and a new city or cantonment (called cantt.) that is separated by railway tracks. The new town was established when the British started colonizing in ‘Pindi through the last century and constructed a totally new city with majestic buildings and broader roads next to the existing city with its bazaars. Initially Rawalpindi was a community of Rawals, a clan of Yogis. In Rawalpindi Cantt, numerous reasonable hotels are recommending good packages for low-cost visitors. There are many Markets in the Rawalpindi region the Raja Bazaar, Saddar and Commercial (Market) are some nice shop zones. The Liaquat Bagh ‘Liaquat Gardens’ is a wonderful picnic spot for travellers. The Bara Market nearby the Liaquat Bagh is an all time preferred between travellers coming to Rawalpindi. It has a dynamic ambiance and with many scenic buildings and colours of life, it is a wonderful traveller retreat.

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Now let’s have a look at Bara market, adjacent to Liaquat Bagh Street, one passes near to the Gordon College, once a key education capital of Rawalpindi, passing among the Rawalpindi Bara ( a market of foreign goods and cloth and Electronics market), one reaches the well known Fawara Chowk (the Fountain Roundabout). Though this Fountainhead has no relationship with the one in the renowned movie ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’, it was actually a working fountain roundabout which is now only an blank pool with used shopping bags congested into muddy water from the rainfalls.

Now after this renowned Fawara Chowk, you have all the choices. It has roads commanding to Moti Bazaar, City Saddar Road as the name suggests a road connecting the Rawalpindi City with the Main Centre Market called Saddar , the road is a place for those planning to construct a house as all sanitary and electrical fitting are available here moreover wood, doors, iron sheets, pipes, generators, lawn mowers etc. Another road leading towards Grain Market for comprehensive acquisitions and finally the Bara market.

Therefore, with all the verboseness, you are in Bara market. It is a place where one enjoys going for one humble intention, one cannot get a place to park his car. The place is previously engaged by hundreds of motorbikes so craftily parked by the retailers so that no one gets to park his car in head of their shops. Every retailer would want that a car holder park his car somewhere excluding in front of his shop. Going by the similarity, you cannot park your car anywhere and to supplement upset to grievance, the entire bazaar has no parking signs and no parking is only for cars. It does not concern to the motorcycles or the hawker carts but despite all chances, one finally finds a parking place at the end. It may take two-three U-turns of the entire strip of the road from Fawara Chowk to Purana Qilla entry.

Though a huge parking allocation has been built and all shopkeepers, as a matter of fact, must park their cars and motorbikes to offer space for clients, it remains empty as no one desires to park there. Anyway, if you are lucky to find parking, then your rest of the stay is difficulty free.

Now from here on, there are two sides of Bara market: one its building and second the market itself. Bara market consists of ancient pre-partition (that is 1947 and before) structures that mostly remain in their original design and style, however in much decrepit and damaged out fitness. These ancient structures are still used for living by the old inhabitants or have been transformed into workplaces, guesthouses or stockpiles of the supermarket down below. Visualize the magnificence and greatness once experienced. One must value the artistic of the engineers who designed these stunning structure may be more than hundred years ago or even still older than that. Below these buildings are the shops and limited pathways that house tons of range that transforms hands every day. Arriving, the Bara market from Fawara Chowk side, shops containing dry items and general merchandise will be found on left side, while on the right there are shops containing Shoes, Cloth followed with Vegetable and Fruit Market. One can also find Namak Mandi (The Salt Market) in Bara Market Complex, along with all types of grains, pulses and flour available here.

People usually visit Bara Market for usually for different items like if you visit general merchandise market you can visit shops of Dry Milk, Tea, Dinner Sets, Television, Radios, Crockery, Hangers, and Cosmetics etc. One can also visit the cloth market where the women has more interest, you can find here laces for the clothes and all associated material available at wholesale rates. Moreover, it also has the fruit and vegetable market, which becomes the last stop before going back full loaded and empty pocketed for the visitors normally.

To sum up one must go to Bara Market, everything is available there.


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