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Balochistan Agriculture Project of USAID

Balochistan Agriculture Project of USAID

In Pakistan’s economy Balochistan plays an essential role however is rigorously undeveloped as compared to other provinces. This province of Pakistan is the prominent source of domestic animals, agriculture and minerals.   Balochistan put forward plenty prospects for livelihood and financial intensification but needs intensive modification to make possible new methods of doing business.   The Government of Balochistan is widely supported through USAID projects that help in technical assistance for analysis and modification of the strategies. With the aim of implementing these changes it is compulsory to retain appropriate coordination between the public sector, private sector, and the USAID Project so that the work and execution of improvement can continue without setback or obstructions.


The purpose of this project is to control and report on the logical work that is carried out in Balochistan, and to synchronize with the Government of Balochistan and with other stakeholders to guarantee that the logical work is accomplished on time, is applicable to the stakeholders and that the reorganization leaning suggestions are useful and can put into practice as far as it is practically feasible. However, the project was initiated in January 2009 and was carried on till December 2012. About $16,300,000 has been funded till now for the achievement of the project.


Project Explanation:

The main prospective of the project was to improve earnings in more than 550 deprived societies in five districts situated within 100 miles of the Afghan border in Balochistan. To work principally through guidance and the expansion of new market opportunities. Moreover the project aims to improve the incomes of 10,000 households or about 80,000 people by 20%. Even the project will indirectly benefit 20,000 households or about 160,000 people


The most important prospective of the Balochistan Agriculture Project is to amplify the earnings of 10,000 deprived family unit in Balochistan by 20 percent.

Major Actions:

  • To increase crop and livestock they aim to train more than 11,000 needy farmers in 560 societies.
  • Through improved marketing and organization raise the incomes of the people.
  • To avail market facilities for 20,000 women who has the talent of manual embroidering of garments
  • Endorse efficient and sturdy partnerships between public and private sector actors to make certain sustainable bang.


  • Earnings of almost 11,000 recipients improved by 40 percent
  • Domestic earnings improved by 54 percent from better livestock production and by 75 percent from irrigated agriculture.
  • Almost 10,000 acres of land refined under superior agricultural practices.


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