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Balochi Women Life

Balochi Women Life

The woman of Baluchistan is different from the woman belonging to other parts of country. It does not mean that they have one hand spare or they have four eyes, they are same as all woman but yeah their life style and their patterns of thinking are different.

The woman of Baluchistan belongs to both urban Baluchistan who have access to all facilities of life like education, health and exposure, and she also belongs to the rural Baluchistan with having nil facilities and almost no exposure to outer world.

Baluchistan is the province having tribal setup. Weather they are Balochs or Pathans or the Hazaras all of them owns a separate tribal setup with some basic rules. In case of woman the very first rule is respect. Yeah you will amaze to know that the woman of Baluchistan is respected very much. As she is thought to be the honor of a house so it’s asked from her to do parda by all means. She have to do parda while studying, doing chores and going out. That’s the only reason why you don’t see a single woman with out parda in Baluchistan except those who are not from tribal setup or visitors. The Balochistani women use the following to practice parda, its Chadar Namaz used by Hazara woman(its called Chadar Namaz since same Chadar is used for offering Namaz too),Burqa, Abbaya and shawls(Paddo) are used by Pathans and Balochs. These have awesome embroidery of respective nation.

The working woman is appreciated everywhere but in Baluchistan there are still cultures and people who don’t like working woman. The man will not allow his wife or daughter to work since this may raise questions on his earnings. This kind of rule is changing in Urban Quetta but in other parts of Baluchistan this rule is still observed. So, the rural women of Baluchistan still don’t work to earn but she can support her husband in his work.

The Balochistani woman is very reserve. Almost all of them own a very higher level of dignity and self esteem. Once while talking to a female cousin from Sindh, I got to know that they term Balochistani women as very rude. I was amazed but obliged to know that this rudeness or reserve ness of her nature comes from the society she belongs where she learned to obey rules and limits and to avoid extending her circle of relationships until it’s not necessary.

In common Balochistani women are very kind and very hospitable. They are ladies in real means. They are delicate yet so strong to support their family and to stand for it. They follow the family rules and stick to their tribes with pride. They love to wear their traditional dresses and they practice their” rudeness” most frequently to get rid of most problems.

Regardless of all customs and limited exposure to woman of Baluchistan, they have proved themselves very well. Miss. Zubaida Jalal(former state minister for education), Miss. Saira Batool (First GD pilot in PAF), Miss. Shazia Batool (Tamghai Imtaiz Holder in painting), Miss. Garsheen (Daily Jang Newspaper’s Quetta section Reporter) and numerous other woman from Baluchistan are playing their roles in serving the nation. It means that “parda” and char Deewari has nothing to do with progress. If there is will, there is a way. Balochistani Woman is proud of them.


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