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Balochi Dress (Balauchi Dress)

Balochi Dress (Balauchi Dress)

The Balochi dress has some traces of the Mesopotamian culture. The Balauch men wear long shirts of long sleeves too with turban on their heads.

Balochi Dress: Shalwar Kamiz

The women wear Shalwar and loose Kameez comprising of magnificent needle work. The exclusiveness of the Balochi dress is the inclusion of pocket in front side of the women clothing. It helps them to hold necessary objects. The Balochi dresses can also be embroidered with squared pieces of glass for beautifying clothes. A scarf termed as sarig in local dialect is used for head covering. All of these provincial dresses comprise Shalwar Kameez which is considered as a Pakistani traditional dress. These like every other clothing which is attributed to civilized nations gives wearer a proper covering with grace and attractive look.

balochi dress

balochi woman dress


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