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The beautiful place of Azad Kashmir and the chief town of Bagh District in known as Bagh. This headquarter of District Bagh is approximately at the distance of 100 km from Muzaffarabad by the way of Kohallah and almost 80 km through Sudhan Gali. From Islamabad Bagh is about 205 km away and from Rawalkot it is at the distance of 48 km. This town is found on the convergence of two mini nullahs– Malwani and Mall, which streams all the year around. It is a beautiful place and the habitants of Bagh are daring, spirited and skillful, particularly the artificers in the art of bakery & confectionery. The famous “Haji Peer Pass” is also located in this area and is about 32 km away from it and links through the metallic road.


Due to its magnificent natural beauty many tourists visit here and for that reason the region encompasses standard hotels, PWD and forest guest houses with having all the essential requirements of life. As bagh is in Azad Kashmir that’s why its local residents are mostly Kashmiris and within the region the prominent languages that are spoken includes Majhi, Gojri dialects of Punjabi language, Pahari and Potohari and even more or few other languages are also spoken and understood including Kashmiri and Urdu language.


Bagh was the division of Poonch District before getting independent and achieving the status of an independent District. As before being an independent district it was the part of Poonch district that’s why both resemble each other in terms of culture, custom, tradition and history. District Bagh is full of life and is loaded with multicolored natural beauty.


This district falls into mountainous zone, topographically. The main and prominent places of this district are Neela Butt, Kahuta, Ghali Rawali, Shujaabad, Sudhan Gali, Las Dana,Havaily, Hari Ghail, Mehmood Gali, Bagh, Ganga Choti, Dheerkot, Hanse Chowki and Birpani. The main casts living in this district are the Mughal tribes including Chughtais, Dulli, Awans, Mirza, Baig, Maldial, Syeds, Rajput, Abbasis and Saddozais. Beside all these casts people live united and are very generous. But unfortunately, this glorious place was hit by a destructive earthquake on 8th October 2005 and in this incident about 8500 people lost their lives and almost 83000 lost their homes.


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