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Babusar Pass

Babusar Pass

The most dramatic thing about Kaghan Valley lies ahead of Naran; where you can travel either by a four wheel drive, horse/pony, on foot or on a mountain bike. Although numerous efforts have been made to maintain the road, the partition near Chilas is a little more bearable i.e. Babusar Pass. The Babusar Pass is a 150 km long mountain pass on the Karakoram Highway and it connects Kaghan Valley with Thak Nala. It provides you with ground to travel on at the highest point in Kaghan Valley. You should definitely seek native’s advice before crossing the pass as it is reputed as a treacherous one and one wrong turn can lead to your demise. Reliable sources include PTDC, the field officers from NAPWD (Northern Areas Public Working Department) and the NATCO drivers assigned to the Babusar pass (these guys are pros they traverse the pass every day).

The track reprobates into a rough path about 20km further than Burawai where even off-roaders get a hard time, at Besal. From there you can either stay on the track or take a detour to the beautiful lake Dudipat at nearly 15km east. Stay on the track and 3km onward you reach the renowned Lake Lulusar; the source of Kunhar River and the biggest natural lagoon in Hazara (you also see Gujjar encampments here in summer). Along the pass, cyclists report kids throwing stones at them, this particular are is not so friendly to stay and is known as Gittidas. It is about 6km north of Lake Lulusar. From there it is nearly 8km to Babusar and if you are lucky and a hiking fan, a clear weather treats you with the beautiful views of Kaghan valley. Babusar village is 13km north to the pass of the track and maybe half that length on a shortcut footpath. In summer season, a lot of tourist attractions open up like different Serais and shops with the addition of the Spartan Rest house which can be booked only at Chilas NAPWD. Camping is not recommended there as the weather stays a little throughout the year.


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