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Baba Mehar Din

Baba Mehar Din

Baba Mehar Din, the one who Spent his life at Wahga Border in Lahore.

This is the rule of the nature, when someone comes, he has to go and we just have glimpses of the gone one. Baba Mehar Din, the dedicated Pakistani whom we miss whenever we go to Wahga Border in Lahore, where he spent almost all of his life and became a symbol of unity.



When Subcontinent was under Colonial rule, it was 1922, somewhere in India a baby boy born who was named Mehar Din, who became Baba Mehar Din for Pakistanis around the globe. After partition, Baba Mehar Din came to Pakistan and settled in Lahore.


Baba Mehar Din, wearing white Shalwar with Green Kurta representing Pakistan’s flag, had always been found at Wahga Border in flag hosting ceremony. It was his regular routine to attend the ceremony holding Pakistani flag in his hands, chanting slogans like “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia? La Ilaha Ilallah”, “Pakistan Zindabad”, which did not only boost sprit among people attending the ceremony but it also showed his intense love with Islamic Republic of Pakistan. From 1947 until his death, he never missed even a single day visiting Wahga border. He did not care of weather or his illness, it was his duty to visit Wahga Border and attend flag hosting ceremony in his regular costume. People used to call him Chacha Jhanday Wala.


People never saw him in any other dress neither his family. He was born to boost sprit and so he did all his life. Baba Mehar Din never got married, he did not have even his own home. He used to live with his nephew in Lahore, which was located around 40 km away from border but it was his love with motherland which used to take him daily to border either its summer or winter, rain or hot. He never took a leave from his duty which was to pay tribute to his motherland. He never worked regularly because to him his duty was to attend ceremony daily. He did odd jobs all over his life. Sometimes he worked at Vegetable Market and sometimes at Data Darbar where he also used to address against corruption and about Pakistan’s history.

baba mehar din wahga border

He spent almost 60 years at Wahga Border and was awarded with certificates by Pakistan Rangers and different officials of government of Pakistan. Former President, General Parvez Musharraf sent him to perform Umra on political quota.


One fine day, when people were looking for Baba Mehar Din on Wahga Border, it was his first absence since Pakistan came into being. When inquired, people came to know that he was not anymore. Baba Mehar Din passed away on Sunday 21st October 2012 at the age of 90 years. He was laid to rest in his town Chandrai shrouded in his favorite dress, which became his uniform Green Shirt and White Trouser.

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