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Baba Bullay Shah

Baba Bullay Shah

Pakistan came into being for the name of Islam and there is no doubt to say that Pakistan’s soil is very lucky and rich. The fact is behind that is, it has many historical places, Mazars or tombs of many Emperors, religious leaders, and Sufi Saint’s is located in different cities of Pakistan.

The historical and beautiful city of Kasoor, a brotherhood city of Lahore has the tomb of a Sufi Saint Baba Bullay Shah, a great poet of Punjab. Baba Bulay Shah was born in 1680, died in 1757 and buried in Kasoor. The real name of this legend poet and Sufi saint was “Abdullah Shah”. The tomb of this holy saint is situated in the city with the railway road. The Kasoor is not a big city so you don’t have any difficulty finding the sepulcher of Baba Bulla Shah. There is a great relaxation you will feel when you enter the tomb of that Sufi poet. His poetry is written here and there on the walls of the tomb in different languages. There are many local singers also available for sings the “Kaffis” of Baba Bulla Shah of your choice. The visit of that Sufi saint’s Mazar will be a pleasurable moment of your life that you will never forget.

The religious aspect of Baba Bullay Shah shows that he was the great lover and follower of Prophet MUHAMMAD (Piece Be Upon Him) and also some other Sofi Saint “Hazrat Sultan Baho, Shah Hussain, and Shah Sharaf”.

The message given through the poetry of this great poet is piece, humanity among each other’s and also for the other communities of the world. Baba Bulla Shah is like by the Muslims and the Sikhs. His poetry style is “Kafi” a traditional style of poetry of other Sufi Saint belongs from this era. If we talk in detail about the poetry of Baba Bulla Shah we can say that it is circled about four words, which is the basis of “Sufism” that is about in English “Path, Observance, Truth, and Union”, in Urdu “Shariat, Tariqat, Haqiqat and Marfat” the four basic stages of “Sufism”.


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