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Avari Hotel

Avari Hotel

There is a purpose for everything, no matter the thing is made by man or made by Allah but everything in this world do have a purpose so that is why there is a reason that hotels are made in this world and they are made by man. The purpose of hotels is to get a feeling of a guest but by paying certain amount and with this that amount you get to stay at the hotel, get to eat at the hotel, actually you get to do everything at the hotel but if someone wishes to stay in multi-national deluxe hotels then for that you even have to pay a large amount for staying and for getting a feeling of home.

This feeling of being at home can be given by many multi-national 5 star hotels in the world and one of them can also be found in Pakistan by the name Avari Hotel. Avari Hotel is a part of a chain of Avari Hotels and it is Pakistani hotel chain. It is a multi-national brand of hotels and can be found in number of different countries such as, Dubai, Pakistan and Canada. The founder of Avari Hotel was Dinshaw Avari and these days B.D.Avari is running the chain of Avari Hotel being the CEO of it. Avari is actually the name of the group that runs these hotels, the real names of the hotels in different cities are slightly and somewhere they are completely changed like in Karachi it is by the name Avari Towers and other is Beach Luxury. While in Lahore it is by the name Avari Lahore.

In Canada it is by the name Ramada Hotel which is situated in Toronto, where as in Dubai it is by the name Avari Hotels. Avari Hotel has increased its business along time and it is planning to spread the business more. There are certain things that are common in all the branches of Avari Hotel such as, accommodation, outdoor dining, restaurants, delicious food, enjoyable service and reasonable price for everything the customer need and that is the reason that Avari Hotel has maintained its name and its business is getting larger time by time.


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