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Auto Rickshaw

Auto Rickshaw

In many countries of the world, auto rickshaw is very common source of transportation. In different regions it is known by different names as tuk tuk, rickshaw, three-wheeler, samosa, tempo, auto, bajaj, baby taxi, tri cycle etc. It is the modern and motorized form of pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw used in past.


Rickshaw is a three-wheeled cabin cycle. Mostly it is a hired vehicle and some people use it for the private use as well. In many developing countries rickshaw is a very common and essential part of public transport. It is also comfortable in the sense that you do not have to wait for buses and wagons to travel and after hiring rickshaw you easily and directly without any stop can reach to your destination.


By looks auto rickshaw is a very simple vehicle and it is made up of metal-sheet body and a frame that rests on three wheels and for its roof a canvas is dropped down on the sides. The seating setting is done in the way that three to four people can accommodate in the rickshaw. In front of the rickshaw, a small cabin for the driver of rickshaw is set in. The new models of rickshaw are coming with 200cc four-stroke engine fitted with a CNG fueled kit. In rickshaw instead of steering wheel handlebar control is used.

rickshaw art

In Pakistan, to travel short distance with in a city auto rickshaw is famous means of travelling. In Pakistan, vespa (an Italian company) brand of rickshaw is one of the major brands. In Pakistan, the hub of manufacturing the CNG auto rickshaw is Lahore. By 2015, for all the major cities of Pakistan the government of Pakistan is taking steps to convert the gasoline rickshaws into CNG rickshaws. For this purpose, government is providing the easy loans through commercial banks so that people having gasoline rickshaw could easily change their rickshaws. CNG rickshaws are environment friendly rickshaws as by using those instead of gasoline in two-stroke engine environmental pollution and noise level could be reduced.

cng auto

Another kind of rickshaw, motorcycle rickshaw can also be seen on the roads of Pakistan. This rickshaw in local language is called chand gari (moon car) or ching chi.


As trucks in Pakistan can be seen displaying different statements and paintings on it, rickshaw also used to display political statements, poetry, advertisements of films, and other products etc. However, in 2013, it was decided by the head of Pakistan Youth Alliance to use this art to promote peace.

In the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad rickshaws are not allowed.


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