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Election Campaign in Balochistan

election candidates quetta 2013

Elections 2013 in Balochistan is on the steady process. Though due to security threats the colour of election campaigning is not as that of past days but we can see its vibes. The roads and streets of Quetta city are decorated with party flags, the walls are covered with posters. Some candidates have made their election symbol come alive by ... Read More »

Zulfiqar Ali Magsi – The Governor (Nawab of Jhal Magsi)

Zulfiqar Ali Magsi

Zulfiqar Ali Magsi Zulfiqar Ali Khan Magsi is the 20th current governor of Balochistan. The Nawab of Jhal Magsi was born on 14 February, 1954. The Magsi are a Baloch tribe of Balochistan and Sindh province of Pakistan. Most of the Magsi tribe is settled in Jhal Magsi District. He is serving Balochistan from 2008 and also remained two times ... Read More »

Hazara Eid Gah


There are different tribes living in Quetta following their religion and have different places where they worship the God Almighty. Quetta is also the place where Muslim majorities with different school of thoughts follows their mind set and Non Muslim minorities also following their religion. They all perform their religious activities in their specific places including, Masjid, Imambargah, Mandir and ... Read More »

Centres of Creation-The Rug Markets in Quetta


If interior designing is your passion, If you want your home and office to look the amazing and the most unique then rug market Quetta can help you very much in this regard. In today’s article we will let you know about rug market Quetta and its specialities. We hope this will guide you in getting the perfect rug for ... Read More »

The Enchanting Quetta Snow fall !


Snow falls has been always a source of joy and enjoyment for people. It gives the sense of far off heaven, the whispers of some far away fairy land or the jingle bell beautiful Christmas. Snow falls are unique and one of the most awaited weather in world especially in Asian countries like Pakistan. Pakistan is a naturally rich country since ... Read More »

The Historic Islamia Girls College and Schools


There are multiple schools and colleges of government as well as of private sector from where youth of Baluchistan is availing education. Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan. It has different good and standard educational institutes. These institutes include schools, colleges and universities. They all have their own importance and giving their services in the different areas of the Quetta city. It includes ... Read More »

Sibbi Museum in a glance


Baluchistan is one of the rich historical cities having number of classic cities. Sibbi is one of them. Sibbi is the small city having very hot weather. I guess in Province of Baluchistan it’s the hottest city. Talking of Sibbi’s historical development let us tell you that Sibbi is one of the warm historical cities of Baluchistan province. Sibbi was ... Read More »

The Askari Park Quetta


n today’s world when every one wants to relax even having his tight schedule, parks importance has been increased. Government has built many parks for citizens entertainment and relaxation needs. Askari Park is one of its examples .Askari Parks are the chain of parks all over Pakistan. In today’s article we will let you know about the Askari Park Quetta. ... Read More »

Serena Hotel Quetta – The Symbol of hospitability


When you visit a city the first thing you want to know about is the best hotel where you can stay with ease at a new place. Quetta can be your next destination .Well here like other aspects of life Quetta will not disappoint you since it has one of the best Serena Hotel having international standards of cherishing the ... Read More »

The Historic Mir Chakar Khan Fort


Pakistan is very lucky to own many rich historical places which are situated in different areas of the country. These Historical spots include many forts related to numerous areas of this beautiful country.Mir Chakra’s Fort is just a wonderful addition to these precious historical places in the province of Baluchistan. Mir Chakar’s fort is one of famous 15th century forts situated at ... Read More »

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