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Moeen Akhtar

moeen akhtar

Moeen akhtar was Pakistan’s television, film, and stage actor. He was the host of many programs. He wrote plays, directed and produced films. He was a singer as well. He got worldwide fame due to his comedy and humorous programs that he presented. He was truly a legend and a versatile actor. He could be said one of the pioneers ... Read More »

Death of Bhagat Singh


Defense of India Act 1915 was implemented by the British Government that gave a free hand to police to subdue the rise of revolutionaries. Bhagat Singh planned to explode a bomb inside the Central Legislative Assembly that was accepted by HSRA. Initial plan was to plant the bomb but later they decided to throw the bombs and on 8 April ... Read More »

Bhagat Singh

bhagat singh

During the British Raj in subcontinent, many revolutionary movements were held for the independence of India, many revolutionaries became the member of these movements, and among these revolutionaries Bhagat Singh an Indian socialist is the revolutionary that is considered the most influential member of the Indian Independence Movement. He belonged to a Sikh family that was involved in the revolutionary ... Read More »

Serena Hotel Islamabad

serena hotel (1)

At the foot of the Margalla Hills, the Islamabad Serena Hotels located that covers the area of fourteen acres. Next to the Diplomatic Enclave, this hotel has beautiful gardens and in the close proximity, there is serene water shore of Rawal Lake. The interior and architecture of this hotel reflects the typical Pakistani culture. To provide the comfortable stay to ... Read More »

Serena Shigar Fort

shigar fort

On the legendry route of world’s second highest mountain K-2, a beautifully built resort is located named as Serena Shigar Fort that in locally known as “Fong-Khar” that means “Palace on the Rock”. Guests can have the opportunity to experience the seventeenth century Raja Fort Palace’s original architecture, as this fort is the unique heritage guesthouse. Along with this originally ... Read More »

Walled City of Peshawar

old city of peshawar

             Peshawar is one of the Pakistan important metropolitan cities that is located in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province. Peshawar is one of the old and historical cities of Asia. An old portion of this city is known as the walled city of Peshawar. Many of the walls were built here and during the British Raj, some Cantonments guarded by barbed ... Read More »

Sialkot Fort

Sialkot Fort

Near the Chanab River, in the northeast of Punjab province or Pakistan, a city and capital of Sialkot District known as Sialkot is located. From Lahore, it is about 125 km in north. The history of Sialkot can be traced back to the thousands of years. Since the foundation of Sialkot, many nations like Hindu, Persian, Buddhist, Turk, Greek, Afghan, ... Read More »

Fort Bala Hisar


One of the most historic and worth visiting places of Peshawar city of province Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa is the Fort Bala Hisar. The word Bala Hisar means, “elevated of high fort” that is from Dari Persian. The Pashtun King Taimur Shah Durrani named the fort as Bala Hisar for whom this fort was the winter capital of the Afghan Durrani Empire ... Read More »

Malot Temple Fort

malot fort

Pakistan is the country that has so many historical places. There are many forts and temples located here that can be traced back to the centuries. Some temples like Malot Temple Fort date back to the sixth to early eleventh century are located along Indus River and in the Sault Range mountains. Dotting the salt range there are five temple ... Read More »

Mohra Muradu

mohra_moradu (4)

Near the ruins of Texila, Punjab, a place of an ancient Buddhist stupa and monastery is located that is known as Mohra Muradu.  This ancient monastery is located in a valley and is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and offers an eye-catching view. This monastery is located on a point where monks could meditate in all stillness and peace. Sirsukh ... Read More »

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