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Pagri – Turban


Pagri is is the term for a turban within sub-continent. The word Pagri is specifically refers to a headdress that is worn by men and needs to be manually tied. In many areas of Pakistan, especially in Punjab, Pagri is also called as Pag. Though, it is just a long plain unstitched cloth, but it is sign of respect and ... Read More »

Attabad Lake


Attabad Lake of Pakistan is one of the most beautiful sights of Pakistan, which truly gives you a feeling of heaven on earth. Attabad Lake, also known as Hunza Lake, is located in the gorgeous Hunza Valley of northern Pakistan. The striking natural lake was formed in January 2010 due to a massive landslide at Attabad village in Gilgit-Baltistan, 9 miles ... Read More »

Biryani- National Dish


Biryani is among the most traditional and conventional dishes served in Pakistan. The inclusion of Biryani in the menu adds festivity to any occasion. The traditional cuisine is a set of rice-based foods made with spices, rice, meat, fish, eggs or vegetables, but the dish has many local variants. The name of the dish Biryani is derived from the Persian ... Read More »



Hooqah which is also known as water pipe is frequently used since centuries and part of the sub-continent culture. In Pakistan, origins of hooqah are found from western provinces of Indo-Pak and Rajasthan and Gujarat particularly. Hooqah comes in single and multi-stemmed structures for smoking. The major components of hooqah are: Bowl: it is the head of hooqah which contains coal ... Read More »

Laila Peak- Hushe Valley


Laila Peak, Hushe Valley is one of the most beautiful and worth seeing sights of the snow covered mountain of the world. The striking Laila Peak is located in Hushe Valley near Gondogoro glacier in Karakoram Range and has been known as a major attention-grabber for the tourists who are in love with nature. Laila Peak is not only known ... Read More »

Chef Zakir


Chef Zakir is considered as one of the famous and successful chefs in Pakistan. Being an all-rounder in all cuisines, Chef Zakir has made his recognition all over Pakistani media. Chef Zakir, full name, Muhammad Zakir Qureshi, was born in Karachi on 16th February 1967. Basically, he belonged from Bombay, Indore and started his early education from Qulsoom Bai Valika ... Read More »

Allan Faqeer


Allan Fakir, one of the most recognized folk singers, was born on 1932 in the ancient Aamri village, Taluka Manjhand, Jamshoro, District, Sindh, Pakistan. Known as one of the foremost exponents of sufi music in Pakistan, Allan Fakir belonged to the Mangrasi tribe. The tribe of Mangarhars are believed to bring happiness and welcomed on celebratory occasions for the gift ... Read More »

Rural Study


Pakistan is a blessed country with rich and fertile land packed with many natural resources, rivers and perfect weather conditions. Amid the difficult developmental situations, the rural areas of Pakistan are still driving hard for the educational development in the country. Despite the lack of resources for rural study and teaching schools, the aims of Pakistani people are high to ... Read More »



Nihari is one of the traditional dishes of Pakistani cuisine that belongs to the roots of our culture. The origin of Nihari is basically belongs to the subcontinent from the kitchens of Nawab. After getting appreciation from the royal kitchens of Lucknow, Nihari became an extremely popular dish in Pakistan after independence in 1947. The name of this spicy and ... Read More »

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