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Rasm-e-Mehndi or Rasm e Hina and all the practices and customs involved in a Punjabi wedding overflow with the richness of culture. The liveliness and merriment of a Punjabi wedding makes it different from weddings of other culture and this unique celebration can only be enjoyed in weddings of Punjab. Experience from every moment of these weddings is joyful. Well! You ... Read More »



NADRA National Database and Registration Authority NADRA is one of the high ranked federal departments of Pakistan. It is known to be the most flourishing project of Pakistan which made a great authoritative strive in Pakistan’s modern history. It was developed in 1998 by Ministry of Interior when a contract was signed with IBM for the development of computerized national ... Read More »

Marble Art Work


Marble Art Work Pakistani land is blessed with various types of minerals and rocks. The types of soil also vary, so that we can grow every kind of fruits, vegetables and crops. Among all the useful minerals, onyx and marble are the one. Marble art work is famous in world. These two minerals are usually found in the province of ... Read More »

Jhelum Valley


After Prophet Noah’s flood, Kashmir is said to be the first mass of land to emerge. It is a place from prehistoric era and consists of magnificent pieces of history. Jhelum Valley is based on different beliefs of prehistoric times and is situated at the starting point of River Jhelum. The river is one of the largest rivers of Pakistan, ... Read More »

Swat River


All the beauty and attraction of swat valley is contingent on Swat River. The thriving beauty of Swat River makes the whole swat valley fascinating. Most of the eye catching areas of Swat are located on the bank of this river. Swat River is formed when Ushu and Gabrial River meet and form a junction. The river is situated in ... Read More »

Zhob River


Baluchistan is blessed with eye-catching tourist attractions. Zhob district of Baluchistan posses the excellence of natural fascination that leads one to the most exotic joys. The magical mountains and mystical secrets hidden in Zhob district are the best things to reveal. The district plays a big part in tourism industry and the most attractive spot is the Zhob River. The ... Read More »

Satpara Lake


Northern parts of Pakistan are contingent on the most beautiful lakes and mountains. These parts are considered as the best tourist attraction and tourists of the world love to visit these parts. The lakes there offer attractive scenes making one’s visit more adventurous and Satpara Lake is one of them. It is located near Skardu. The lake is fed by ... Read More »

Sutlej River


Sutlej River is one of those rivers, which are located in the province of Punjab. Among these five popular rivers of Punjab, Sutlej is considered as the largest. The river flows in both India and Pakistan and also makes its way through Punjab’s crossroad region. Sutlej River originates from Himalayan’s North Slope in Tibet. It joins River Chenab at Bahawalpur ... Read More »

Tomb of Jam Nizamuddin


Jam Nizamuddin Son of Jam Sadr Udn Bin Jam Umar was the most eminent and popular leader of Sama Dynasty. Jam Nizamuddin was born on 25th Rabiul Awal 1439 A.D in Thatta, ruled over Sindh and the other part of different provinces (1351 to 1551 CE). He was also called Jam Nanda. The power and the hold were reached at the ... Read More »

Ravi River


Punjab is a house to five beautiful rivers and so it is known as ‘the land of five rivers’. River Ravi is one of these five rivers and flows along the eastern side of Pakistan. The river links two countries; India and Pakistan together and originates from Chamba district of India. The historical names of Ravi River are Iravati and ... Read More »

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