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Astounding growth in Pakistan’s IT sector

Astounding growth in Pakistan’s IT sector

Pakistan has a history of welcoming positive change with open arms. Whether it was the introduction of hybrid seeds during the Green Revolution or nuclear power, Pakistan has never been reluctant when it comes to experimenting with new ideas.

Another such development that Pakistan has greeted with enthusiasm is the progress in its information technology (IT) sector. This industry is far from nascent, but it is still growing at a rapid pace and has led to the emergence of a new entrepreneurial class, providing numerous opportunities nationwide.

Today, IT has successfully made its way into mainstream Pakistani culture, becoming yet another change received with optimism. It did have its share of problems earlier on, such as the ban on Facebook in 2010 and the ongoing one on YouTube that began in 2012. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) still has not lifted the ban on the popular video-sharing website, which is a symptom of wider internet censorship and lack of transparency in the country.

However, there is a brighter side to this picture as well. Despite facing censorship issues, the IT sector has emerged as a goldmine for Pakistani businesses. More and more people around the country are getting access to the internet. According to State Bank of Pakistan’s statistics, a double-digit growth in the internet users has been observed over five years and the growth rate is around 16 percent today. Imagine this figure going through a twofold increase in the future!

Embracing IT

A major driving force behind the growth in internet usage is the increasing availability of online shopping and searching facilities. Numerous websites have emerged over the last decade to meet this increasing demand, such as for online shopping for household items, for online electronic store and for online property searching.

These websites allow users to find or purchase their desired products online, ranging from mobile phones to kitchen appliances and residential plots to rental homes. Users can easily find out details and specifications of products without leaving their homes. The IT sector has expanded to encompass all kinds of businesses and it is not news that even property listings can be viewed online today.

The road is clear

High-tech advancements are taking place rapidly all over the world and in this era of technological development, Pakistan’s prosperity is inevitable, owing primarily to the fact that there is an astounding amount of brainpower in this country. So going forward, the established giants of the IT industry will eventually have to make way for entrepreneurial minds who will shape the way business is done online, and the Pakistani government will have to make sure that it does all it can to aid this rapid development.

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  1. Mobile technology to boosts farmers income in Pakistan

    First I must mention that before I proceed on the subject, I have noticed the Government Officials have no
    PC or Laptop, even mobile phone number is not given so that they may be of service for the people in general
    to be abreast with Modern technology. However Punjab Govt has distributed 1,00,000 Laptops to students
    It is a step which other provinces should follow to enhance education in the country.
    The same step be taken by the Agricultural Departments to educate & boost farmers income.
    Field Officers can carry their Laptops to the farmer on their location, to brief them on the spot.

    Agriculture is crucial to Pakistan’s economy, as it provides 23% of GDP and employs 66% of the workforce. ( I hope the figures are correct) However, most of poorest people are subsistence farmers who have little or no access no technology and markets for their produce. Farmers lack knowledge on which markets to target and what price to charge.

    A solution to this problem.
    Farmers were accepting lower prices in order to sell perishable goods
    A free SMS/Voice based product calls rural farmers with buyers and provide them with real-time price information via mobile phone. It is described as ‘a basic supply and demand calculator’. Farmers register for updates by calling a toll free number and will then receive three text messages daily from the service. These messages are tailored to the farmer’s crop and location, thus helping them chose the right market to target in order to get the best price.

    This service can earn an average of 20% more income thanks to the technology.

    Mobile technology has been used increasingly to enhance agricultural productivity. Access to up-to-date market pricing information is essential if farmers are going to increase their profitability, and in turn, increase production rates.

    B SHAH
    86 years
    On Wheel Chair

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