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Astola Island

Astola Island

Pakistan is located in such region of Asia where the extremity of four seasons makes it a distinguished land. On one side mountains grant it a gorgeous and grand position, on the other, its natural beauty of northern areas dazzles the human eyes.

Deserts spread on thousands of miles on one hand and the aquatic wonders on the other. One of such wonderful sights is the Astola Island located in the north coast of Arabian Sea. About 40 km South East of Pasni, a fishing port of Pakistan, Astola falls under the administration of Gwadar District, Baluchistan.

The height of Astola Island is 200 feet above sea level. Covering almost 4 km square the upper surface of the island is flat with wide gaps and no trees. Only bushes grow on the barren island. It is devoid of fresh water. The southern side ends up gradually while the northern side embraces the sea in a vertical way. There are caves on the south part. The island hosts a number of rare Green Turtles and Hawksbill turtle which lay their eggs and breed their generation on the flat surface of the island. Birds like gulls also nest here but their life is at stake because of the untamed cats nurtured by the fishermen to control rats. The island also welcomes reptiles like Astola Viper.

June to August every year leave the island desolate because of the high tides in the sea, while September to May make the Astola Island a passage of the fishermen. With a solar- powered signal it facilitates as the guiding star for the vessels on voyage. A prayer yard and a Hindu Temple of Kali, one of the Hindu goddesses are the signs of Muslim and Hindu presence on island.


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