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Arfa Karim

Arfa Karim

“If you want to do something remarkable in your life, never let the hesitation dispute your mind. If you will carry on hesitating than you will be indecisive in every effort. One the other hand, if you will be confident, every task of yours will be successful, so never let hesitation occupy your mind.”

These golden words were uttered by Arfa Karim in one of her interview. In such a brief period of her life time, achieving the MCP degree was a fact which made the geniuses of this world astonished. She was born on 2nd February 1995 in an insignificant village, Ram Diwali (Faisalabad, Pakistan), which is to be named as ‘Arfa Nagar’ after her death by depressed residents of Faisalabad. She has topped Microsoft Certified Professional’s exam in 2006 which was a grand triumph for not only her family or city but for Pakistan it was the greatest reward ever achieved. Such a short period of 9 years for MCP is no way less than a miracle. After her success, she was appreciated and invited by Bill Gates, the honor of Microsoft Company at 2nd November 2006.

Arfa has attained many other medals and trophies in IT grounds. In 2005 she was honored with Fatima Jinnah gold medal. Furthermore she was presented ‘Salam-e-Pakistan’ and ‘Presidential Award’ from Government of Pakistan. In ten years, she got her first Flying Certificate from Dubai Flying Club. Apart from her interest in IT, she also kept an aptitude for poetry and music. Her 19 poetry works have been published online.

Arfa Karim’s Father ‘Col. Amjad Karim’ who is shattered deeply by this fortuitousness accident quoted that, “My daughter was 2 years ahead from her class fellows due to her extraordinary genius. One day I asked her that you have to travel abroad for your higher qualification, and then you have to get married, I wish I could spend some time with you my beloved daughter. Can you spend a whole one year with your Baba so that we may enjoy a lot”, She happily agreed at this plan. Who knew at that moment that she will leave in such an early age?

Her poetical sense was so mature that she not only used to enjoy Allama Iqbal’s poetry but also quoted His lines many where in her speeches. It is a fact that she has no interest in politics but whenever she discussed any political issue, listeners became speechless. Her father sometimes called her ‘Arif’ instead of Arfa because her maturity insisted him to think of her as a responsible and strong son. He wishes for every parent to have such a brilliant kid.

The day she got attack, she was as usual, busy in doing some creative work on internet when she started feeling nausea, after resting a bit she told her mother Samina Amjad that she was feeling fine than, but soon after that she got an attack. Doctors diagnosed that she had gone through sever epileptic seizure which caused immense damage to her heart and brain. She got admitted in CMH Lahore where after an enormous battle of life and death, little fairy has lost her life at 14thJanuary 2012. Rapt in green Pakistani flag, she slept in her last resting bed.

What a great loss for Pakistan! No one can imagine what that little whiz kid was supposed to do if her life would give her a chance. She was immensely devoted to her country. She uttered these words with love and respect in many of her speeches that,

“Pakistan is our mother, we are nothing except it. Whenever we go abroad, we never introduced ourselves by our parent’s name but as a Pakistan. We have to prove in front of this big world that still there are many positive factors in Pakistan. We can do anything if we stand united. Unity is the only strength which we need right now.”

One thing which is remarkable about Arfa, Pakistan’s Daughter is that she, as an honor of Pakistan, was cordially invited as the youngest IT engineer in many international Seminars. In Dubai, IT seminar was held in 2005 which she not only attended as the pride of Pakistan but also impressed other International IT experts by her confident speech and answering about IT issues.

Words are not sufficient to absorb her astonishing personality. Her family, her Village where she is having an eternal rest and Pakistan can never disregard the greatest loss of her death.


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