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Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan

Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan

Baluchistan is some sort of misunderstood land. People outside think that there is nothing to see or wonder about in Baluchistan. Here is the time to correct them; Baluchistan is a province with nearly have everything that a developing province should have. Whether it’s the best educational institutions like BUITEMS or Pakistan’s third Largest women’s University SBK women’s University or the picnic spot like the Hanna Lake or the camping place like Ziarat or a wildlife park known as Hazar Ganji in Baluchistan which is there to let you know direct about wildlife.

When Baluchistan has all the big places to roam around, it is not ignorant from History and culture side. Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan or Quetta Museum is its example. This exemplary meuseum is situated in east of Mizan chowk. It is a small world in itself. It has the figures from Mohenjo-Daro like statues pottery pieces, bone pieces recovered from debris of old civilizations that lived in Quetta. These pottery pieces and bones are found from Kalat, Makran and Sibbi and Zhob Districts. It’s said that this evidences are used to identify the characters of Stone Age, a lost history. Archeological Museum of Baluchistan is not just a Museum but it’s a research center too. The Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan’s research center urges to research on Baluchistan’s land, its history and its potential Yeah its potential when you visit Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan you will know that this place is here to let you know completely about Baluchistan’s hidden treasures. Numerous unique and precious stones are placed in the Museum which is one of the examples of effective research.

It’s is really astonishing fact that we saw a remaining of an animal looked like a Dinosaur, it is not final but an observation that may be billions of years ago we had Dinosaurs in Baluchistan too.

A sword in Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan is worth to pay attention to. It still has blood stains on it. It’s said that in 1919, this sword is used to kill the British Commander. This sword can be seen in the military Section of the Museum, Which has historical weapons used by people of Baluchistan in old times. Certainly these type of weapons are not seen now a days which increases the worth of their classy presence.

As it’s said before that Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan is not just a museum but a world in itself. Mughal Emperor. When you will visit Quetta, Archaeological Museum of Baluchistan is one of the places you must visit.Here you can see one of the finest examples of Calligraphy. The worth seeing piece of historical Calligraphy can be seen which is the Hand written Quran Pak by Aurangzeb the Mughal Emperor.If you are visiting Quetta then Quetta Museum is a must place to visit.


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