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A glorious Kaghan Valley located at Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is the province of Pakistan; it is blessed with an exceptional lake known as Ansoo Lake. The word tear drop is the translation of Ansoo in English. Its startling characteristic is that it is situated at an altitude of 4,245 meters near Malika Parbat and incredibly located on the top of the Himalayan range. It is recognized amongst the most beautiful lakes of the world due to its magnificent qualities. It is believed that in 1993 the area was discovered by Pakistan Air force pilots who were flying low in the area , before that no body was familiar with the lake not even the local residents.

ansoo lake

The shape of the lake resembles a teardrop and even to a human eye with central ice island resembling the iris and the edge of the lake is similar to an eyebrow, the eyebrow becomes more visible when the snow melts on it during summer season and enhances its exquisiteness. In 2005, during Kashmir earthquake the ridge of the lake was destroyed. As Ansoo Lake was not previously discovered so there is no place to stay for sightseers but has fascinated many tourists from different areas of the world to come and explore the gloriousness of this place. It is a remarkable place for camping, as tourists usually carry out camping on the peak of extremely cold and windy mountains but this very perilous and even prohibited by the locals.

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Although Pakistan should make better resources to promote this awesome provision of nature and develop it to formulate a better tourist point. Well interesting fact about the lake is that it cannot be easily located like other lakes around the globe. Almost seven hours are required to reach the location it is just because it is situated in a mountainous area where there in no human resourses even today.  Mostly visitors hire tourist guide to locate the place as it can not be easily positioned. Even some people hire horses to make the tour more convenient but even after this they have to cover up to 30 to 35 percent for the remaining distance. Despite being undeveloped, many people around the world are curious to explore this astonishing and marvelous lake. It has always been worthy to explore the beauty of nature and this is a master piece to be preserved in ones eye.

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