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Anjuman-e Himayat-e-Islam 1884

Anjuman-e Himayat-e-Islam 1884

The Muslim politicians and intellectuals founded Anjuman-e-Himayat-e Islam on September 24, 1884 in Lahore with the purpose of spreading political, social, and religious awareness among the Muslims of India. Anjuman, also serving as a philanthropic organization along with educational institutions, deserves great homage as it provided remarkable services to defend the Muslims against the religious and cultural onslaughts of Hindus.

The citable personalities in the Anjuman were Allama Mohammad Iqbal who recited his poem in the Meeting of the Anjuman. Qazi Hamid-ud-din was the president while Ghulam-Ullah Kazmi was the first Secretary General of the Anjuman. The purposes of the Anjuman were as under:

  • To safeguard the Muslim identity, propagation, and values.
  • To prepare, provide and facilitate the Muslims with Islamic and contemporary education.
  • To counter the Christian Missionaries and the Arya Smaj who were breaking into the walls of religion.
  • To work in a united way for the cultural and social welfare of the Indian Muslims.

The Anjuman proved to be a chain of enlightenment and education for the Muslims as it established primary and high schools for the Muslims following the same footings of the Aligarh Educational Movement by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who joined the Anjuman later on. The other remarkable personalities joining the Anjuman were Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk, Sir Mohammad Shafi, Sir Abdul Qadir, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, and Allama Mohammad Iqbal who paved the way to the freedom of the Muslims from the British and Hindu Raj at the same time


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