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Andrun Lahore

Andrun Lahore

Pakistan is the land of beauty and every city of it has some unique beauty in it so is the Andrun Lahore. Andrun Lahore is a city which lies in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is capital of Punjab. It is also the second largest city of all situated along the River Ravi. In olden times Andrun Lahore was known as Lavapuri as its founder was Prince Lava.

Even today there is an empty temple in Lahore Fort which is dedicated to Prince Lava and it is called Loh-awar. Andrun Lahore is an old place existing from centuries. It has been called with different names in different eras during different ruling empires and currently it is known by the name of Lahore which is under the government of Pakistan.

There are number of different places to visit in Andrun Lahore and it is one of the greatest points for tourism in Pakistan. Some places of Lahore are famous worldwide due to which people from several countries and nations visit Pakistan to see Andrun Lahore. Fort of Lahore is among the most famous places of Andrun Lahore. It is a gigantic place existing since the times of the Mughals. A museum is also there in the honor of Sikhs of the 18thcentury. Ranjit Singh’s Tomb is also there who was a leader of Sikhs. Then Badshahi Mosque comes, another very famous place of Andrun Lahore. Aurangzeb, one of the emperors of the Mughals, built it. It is one of the most beautiful mosques of the world. Another famous place of Andrun Lahore is Yusuf Salah-ud-din’s Mansion which is an old place where festival of basant is celebrated during at the beginning of the spring. Yusuf Salah-ud-din is Allama Iqbal’s grandson. Then comes the most famous place of Andrun Lahore, Minar-e-Pakistan also known as Pakistan’s Eiffel Tower. It is situated in a park and was built in 1940 when it was decided that Muslims should have a separate country. Thus the Minar is the symbol of Pakistani nation.

Andrun Lahore is also famous for its 13 gates. They were made for the entrance of the city and each is made up of iron and wood. In evening, all of them are closed. The names of the 13 gates are as follows:

  1. Bhatti gate.
  2. Raushnai gate.
  3. Lahori gate.
  4. Mori gate.
  5. Mochi gate.
  6. Shah-Alam gate.
  7. Delhi gate.
  8. Akbari gate.
  9. Sheranwala gate.
  10. Yakki gate.
  11. Taxali gate.
  12. Masti gate.
  13. Kashmiri gate.

Tourists like to visit Andrun Lahore not just because of the famous places but also because it represents all the empires which have ever ruled over the place. These palaces and small shrines of those times remind us of the kings and crowns of the past ages. Andrun Lahore is a “must see” place for the tourists and the natives especially for those who love history.


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