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Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan

One of the famous Pakistani fashion label for men is known as Amir Adnan. From Institute of Business Administration (IBA) he completed his business graduation, in Karachi IBA is among the esteemed Business Schools and the institute has been awarded Pride of Performance by Government of Pakistan. Amir Adnan went to Italy to learn more about fashion and in 1992 he designed his first variety of Italic jeans, these jeans were printed with straight denims blocks with a hint of traditions and he launched these jeans first in America. The international market was set on fire after the concurrence of two apparently heterogeneous cultures and this provided the way to Adnan to establish his designing in Pakistani Fashion industry.


Amir Adnan is extensively certified for re-introducing the trend of sherwani into modern fashion. Hence he has been recognized as Pakistan’s first international menswear label. In Pakistan this highly famed designer has got the largest venture of designer clothing. His customer mostly belongs to lead class even ex-President of Pakistan Pervez Musharaff and former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee are also among his lead class customers.


Presently he has launched his stores in Karachi, with complimenting domestic outlets in Multan, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. Internationally he has launched his outlet in Dubai.


Fuel is the fashion house in India which Adnan is running currently. Amir Adnan has also been the CEO of Pakistan Fashion Council as he has the leading brand in Pakistan.  Amir Adnan is running one more brand under his name known as FnkAsia that detains the theme of magnificent folklore of Pakistan in its astounding combination of complicated beadwork, luscious colors and traditional thoughts. It alters the antique ethnicity of South Asian area into hip and stylish styles of these days. Huma Adnan wife of Amir Adnan was the initiator of this brand, she started it as a hobby but this brand of hers developed into the hottest fashion trends today. FnkAsia has grown up to be a statement label for everyone that carries the liveliness of culture into the razzle dazzle of red carpet glamour. Currently, this brand is known to be the leading growing fashion brands of the region. In 2010, FnkAsia commenced its royal combination of cocktail collection which was blockbuster because of its awfully exotic collection of delectable colors and silky styles. Moreover the brand has launched its Flagship store in USA.



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