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Altit Fort

Altit Fort

There are numerous forts that were built by Mughal Emperors in ancient times. Altit Fort is also a visible example of these forts, it is an ancient fort located on the top of Karimabad in the Hunza valley in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. In the beginning it was the habitat of the heredity monarch of the Hunza state who were recognized as Mir, but after three centuries they transferred to Baltit fort. Altit fort and the Shikar tower are almost 900 year old and due to which in Gilgit-Baltistan it is known as the oldest momentum. The word Altit is derived from Tibetan word which means “this side down”. The habitats of this area are believed to be from white Huns, even though not much study has been examined related to it.



It is believed that in 47 A.D white Huns brought the language “Bruchiski” to this area. The fort was previously known as Hunukushal that means the village of Huns and they came from the Huang-Ho valley that is in China.  Islam was introduced in this region in 15th century. Previously the fort was in poor condition but was soon re-established by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture Historic Cities Support Program and the Government of Norway. Even Japan has also added in the reformation of the adjoining old village.


It is distinguish by undersized rooms and low porch with delicate wood carvings. In 2007, the fort was opened for the people as a tourist spot. Altit Fort was constructed on a vertical rock-cliff that falls about 300 m into the Hunza River. This fort is much older than Baltit Fort. The fort contains magnificent architectural designs and strategic location which is the center of attention for many tourists. It is also the home town of the Hunza Kingdom and this was the first fort built in this region.


It has been structured in six diverse phases   by using a range of natural levels of rocks. Originally it was constructed as a palace but due to the accumulation of Clock Tower a protective architectural factor it malformed to a fort. This could be said that the fort could be formed in different times because the exact age of the fort is supposed to be more than 800 years. From Baltit fort this fort could be 50-100 years older. At the renewal of the fort contains some modern materials such as the uses of basic electric and plumbing services were integrated in the historic building foundation.



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