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Allama Iqbal Open University

Allama Iqbal Open University

The first Open University in Asia was Allama Iqbal Open University. Its abbreviation is AIOU. In 1974, this highly famed university was founded in Islamabad, Pakistan. AIOU is well-known as the world’s largest university as in year 2010 the university has enrolled almost 1,121038 students while the course enrollment of these students was round about 3,305,948.  In terms of Philosophy, approach, system and function AIOU stands unique among all recognized institutes in Pakistan. In Islamabad, university has established its main campus and has spread a vast network of regional centers in all over the country and even in the Middle East.



AIOU is known as Distance Education institution, as it provides multi disciplinary education from basic to doctoral level programs. The University administration and governance includes Chancellor the President of Pakistan, Pro-Chancellor the federal Minister for Education, Ministry of Education, Vice Chancellor the Chief Executive Head of the institute and Executive Council the Governing body.

In1974, faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic was established and was upgraded in 1998. Arabic and Islamic Studies consist of Departments that includes Seerah and Hadiths, Islamic Law, Literature, Arabic Language, History, Culture, Islamic Thought, Quran, Tafseer.


In 1984, Faculty of Education was established it also consists of numerous Departments such as Distance, Non-formal Education, Continuing Education, Adult, Management, Educational Planning, Science Education, Special Education, Secondary Teacher Education and Elementary Teacher Education.

In 1982, the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences was established and the departments that it comprises are Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Home and Health Sciences.




In 1982, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences were established and it includes following Departments which are Commerce, Mass Communication, Economics, Pk. Studies, Business Administration, Iqbal Studies, History, Applied Linguistics, English Language, Information Sciences, Library, Pakistani Languages, Urdu, Women’s Studies, Social Work, Gender, Sociology and Population Studies. The Academic programs scheduled by the university includes undergraduate, graduate, Master’s, M. Phil and more over Doctoral programs are also the part of their academics. The educational standards that the university has maintained are highly cherished by all over the world. The graduates from this university are valued a lot and the degree of the university is recognized every where in the world and avails the opportunity of best professions for the students.


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