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Alhamra Arts Council

Alhamra Arts Council

Alhamra is a beautiful building made of red bricks. Alhamra is an Arabic word. The literal meaning of word Alhamra is woman in red cloths. This building is located on Shahrah Quaid-e-Azam previously known as Mall Road. Alhamra Arts Council is an art and cultural complx. The one of Pakistan’s renowned architect Nayyer Ali Dada designed this complex. The project of Alhamra Arts Council started in 1970. Initially Nayyer Ali Dada had to design a 100-seat multi-purpose auditorium. Completion of auditorium was done in 1979. After that, the Art Council was taken under by the government agency called Lahore Art Council and it administered the other three following stages of project.

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Other four structures of administrative offices and art gallery exhibition were opened in 1984. A 450-seat theater attached with the auditorium was opened in 1985 and a lecture and recital hall of 250-seat was completed in 1992.

Lahore can be said the cultural heart of Pakistan and Alhamra is the cultural heart of Lahore. Since the time of its inception, Alhamra has come forward as a center of cultural activities in Lahore. Many activities are held at the Alhamra Art Council.


There is not even a single day when no activity is being conducted at Alhamra. It is the busiest and most popular place for the art lovers. The auditoriums are used for different kinds of activities. Basically these auditoriums are for the theaters organized by the different theater groups. Folk, sufi, humorous and musical theaters are organized here. Musical concerts are also arranged here. Many debating societies use these auditoriums to organize their debating competitions. Other family functions and ceremonies by the different institutes are also held here. Many renowned politicians also delivered their political speeches here.


Art gallery of Alhamra Art Council is used for the purpose of exhibitions. Artists display their paintings and pieces or art like sculptures here to get the appreciation of their imagination and observation that they painted on the canvas and that is being reflected through their other pieces of art from the people who visit this gallery. Renowned photographers and students as well exhibit the world that they have captured in the lens of their camera.

An academy is also established for the students who are interested in field of arts. In this academy students learn how to play different musical instruments, how to sing, how to dance, how to paint different mediums.

In short, it can be said that Alhamra Art Council truly is a place for the art lovers from where anyone can get training, buy paintings, listen music etc.


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