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Agriculture Recovery Project

Agriculture Recovery Project

USA has been always supportive when it comes to Pakistan. The Government of USA has helped Pakistan when ever needed. Besides that they have established several projects for the development of Pakistan. As they have initiated a project related to Agricultural Recovery and this project took place in September 2010 and continued till March 2010. The government of USA has funded almost $47,000,000 for the establishment of this project. Agriculture Recovery Project took place in Balochistan KP, Punjab.


Project Explanation:

The project intends to help to re-establish the source of revenue for the farm families that were affected during flood by supplying them seeds of wheat and other agricultural input.  By helping 22 districts in Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that were rigorously stroked by the flood took place in 2010. The project supplies seeds in time for the fall 2010 planting season. Through the supply of vegetable seeds for planting in family gardens household food security is stabilized. The project lend a hand to guarantee the endurance of livestock in selected districts by providing feed, fodder, and medicines and supplementary in the fixing of smashed irrigation watercourses through cash-for-work programs.



The main aim of the project was to re-establish the source of revenue for the families that were affected by the flood through guarantying the instant recommencement of agricultural fabrication.

Major Actions:

  • Allocate seeds of wheat and nourishment to farm families affected by flood in time for the fall 2010 planting season
  • Give out seeds of vegetable, particularly to female farmers, for instant planting in family gardens
  • Make available domestic animals provisions to shelter and re-establish livestock efficiency
  • De-silt critical on-farm irrigation infrastructures in time for the fall 2010 planting season through cash-for-work programs
  • Grant guidance to recipients in enhanced agricultural fabrication methods.



  • To almost 410,000 farm families, superior quality certified seeds and superior quality fertilizers have been distributed for the development of 450,000 acres of land for the period of the fall 2010 planting season, with crop yields 75 percent above national standard.
  • To 450,000 beneficiaries 450 grams of vegetable seeds have been distributed for family gardens.
  • Aalmost 135,000 livestock owners have been supplied with feed, fodder, and medicines.
  • Cash-for-work program reimbursement watercourses put into practice for 25,250 people.
  • In the program 570,000 farm families are included, with adequate food guaranteed for more than 4.5 million people
  • IN Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 281 watercourse are lined with concrete.



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