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Agribusiness Project of USAID

Agribusiness Project of USAID

The government of USA has intended several programs for the stability of Pakistan. Pakistan has been helped extensively through these programs. One of the most concerned issues of Pakistan is agriculture and for its betterment Agribusiness project has been introduced by USA Government, which will help to improve the economical level of the country through agriculture. The USA government commenced its operations in November 2011 and the project is still under progress, in the initial five years of the project it mainly focused on to provide technical assistance with the intention of ensuring agribusiness power building and towards rising a partnership window all the way through cost-sharing funding for pioneering farmers.


Recently, Expressions of Interest (EOIs) have been issued for its assorted grouping of funding and are carrying out Global G.A.P. and other uniform certifications for farmers and growers. Series of Environmental Assessment Scoping i.e. (EAS) movements have been carried out for improvement procedures to be assumed in the funding schemes. Moreover the project intends to hold employment production and economic augmentation by mounting a spirited and sustainable agribusiness sector in Pakistan. To achieve their goal almost $36,700,000 has been invested till now.


Project Depiction:

The Agribusiness Project of USAID tries to amplify production, product excellence, and worth in Pakistan’s agricultural division by eradicating limitations in agricultural productivity and marketing. The project center of attention is on sub-sectors that demonstrate major market potential and struggles to incorporate them into household and international markets. The fuel investment in the agribusiness sector is the most important attempt of the project, together with $320 million from private-sector sources. In addition to that they are also increasing farm and rural non-farm service and civilizing farm and enterprise production through technological backing programs.



The most important aim of the Agribusiness Project is to lessen deficiency by sustaining the augmentation and expansion of Pakistan’s agribusiness sector.

Major Actions:

  • To present cost-sharing support to 45,000 farmer enterprise group associates, 100 associations and supportive, 250 individual and corporate farmers, 40 conservatory providers, 140 small- and standard-sized enterprises, and eight corporations, to influence up to $320 million in private-sector investment.
  • To grant technological support to 62,500 farmers and 2,500 agribusiness stakeholders to advance farm and enterprise production.


  • As a result non-governmental associations acknowledged serving up as partners in creation of grassroots farmer enterprise groups
  • 60 individuals and organizations skilled in Global GAP certification to motivate exports to high-paying global markets.
  • In Islamabad 32 women that make pickle are trained and offering them the ability to put in worth to their products and accordingly raise their revenue.


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