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In Karachi 1989, AGP pharma  was first introduced as a pharmaceutical Company; where AGP pharma autonomously started its commercial operations. The company has progressively developed all the way through industrializing and advertising products under licensing measures with many international companies and also by introducing its own brand. After an immense struggle the company established itself as the largest pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, “We Value Life” is the slogan of the company.

AGP building

In the commencement of AGP, they moved violently to grant better pharmaceutical resources to Pakistan, they also focused to provide quality of life to a common man. AGP has a vast department of marketing, manufacturing and sailing of products. They provide these products to both domestic and export market and the distribution of products is made possible by the largest and state of art pharmaceutical distribution set ups within the country.


AGP monogram

Marketing system of AGP provides the most recent and modern information about the development of diseases and its administration. To promote improved marketing resources they moreover conduct academic sessions within and outside the country. Besides this they have achieved an award winning repute by its name as one of the principled, unswerving and superiority conscious developers of health care products. The drugs are premeditated and industrialized in conformity with the cGMP, cGLP local authoritarian necessities and international superiority principles.

AGP Medicine

They also have marketing rights with some international marketing brands in Pakistan and some of the brands are Rigix, Nebcin, Keflex, and Ceclor. AGP moreover introduced some products which include Anti Alzheimer, Anti allergy, Anti-inflammatory enzyme, Anti biotic, Antiasthmatics, Antidepressant, Antifibrinolytic, Antidiabetic, Calcium preparation, NSAIDs, Proton Pump Inhibitor, Tonics and many more. They have licensed arrangements with the following principals which are UCB, Dr Kade, OM Pharma, Alcon laboratories, Dr Mann Pharma, Lilly and Osmopharm SA.

AGP medicine

Their overall Quality Approach earned the ISO 9001: 2008 certification of SGS International Certification Services EESV, which is known to be one of the most appreciated and probable certification authorities in Europe. To provide enhanced and quality products, they are upgrading their machineries and some art of pharmaceutical machineries which they have are High Speed Tablet Compression Machine, Blister Machine UPS 3MT, Ampoules Compact Line, Ampoules Testing Machine ATM 18/18, Fette Perfecta 3000-Germany, Uhlmann-Germany,       Brevetti-Italy, Automating Coating Machine, Tablet Compression Machine, Baush and Stoebel-Germany and Capsule Filling MachineZP-29E.



            The decisive ambition of AGP is to present a pollution and accident free atmosphere to all the employees of AGP and incessant monitoring of all types of probable hazards in conformity with the EPA (Environment protection Agency) acts of Pakistan and with ISO 14000. They resist promoting better quality products and mitigating services to meet the need of the people in a professionalism manner. Their ambition is to grant better and healthier life as they practice their slogan We Value Life.

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