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Aga Khan University

Aga Khan University

 Aga Khan University is the Pakistan’s first private university independently commenced its operation in 1983, which was founded by Aga Khan. The university was the co-educational research which was spread over three continents and was named as Aga Khan University (AKU), this project was the part of Aga Khan Development Network. The university is internationally known and had almost eleven coaching sites extended over eight countries including Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and United Kingdom. The principle campus is located in Karachi. AKU has been ranked at first in Health sciences and for the global impact of its research by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and is considered the most superior university among all other universities in Pakistan. In Pakistan 70% of biomedical researches are accounted by the Aga Khan University and remaining 30% is shared by the other universities of Pakistan.


The university has most internationally popularized journals then any other institute of the country. The researches conducted by the university are supported by a Research office established by it. Many national and international research workshops and seminars are organized by the institute. Annually a Health Sciences Research Assembly is organized for the students and faculty to present their research. It has launched international universities operating their campuses in Middle East, East Africa, South Asia and Europe. In 1980, Faculty of Health sciences campus is located in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan.  AKU has established its Health Sciences campus in Nairobi, Kenya as well.



Karimabad the area of KarachiPakistan has been facilitated by the Institute for Educational Development. Study of Muslim Civilization is established in London, United Kingdom. In Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda the university has started projects for Advanced Nursing Studies (ANS).  They had also made possible the facility of teachers and nurses in Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan.


After the Pakistan’s earthquake in 2005 the university played an efficient role in funding developments. Discrimination on the basis of religion is not practiced in the university although people from all religion are welcomed. AKU has 10,092 alumni with five campuses and three teaching sites. Three new faculties have been planned by the university which includes Art and Sciences in Pakistan, Art and sciences in East Africa and Health Sciences in East Africa. AKU has planned six graduate schools for Pakistan and East Africa , they are Media and Communication, Architecture, Management, Law, Leisure and Tourism and Government   and   Politics.  They have almost 9 libraries in 5 countries.


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