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Aga Khan University Hospital

Aga Khan University Hospital

 Many institutes have served Pakistan in multiple ways; Aga Khan University Hospital is also from these organizations that have nailed their missions in the development of the country. Shortly it is known as AKUH. In 1985, in Karachi the hospital was first established. Aga khan was the founder of the hospital; a noble person came up with a vision to serve the nation by establishing such a hospital that provides an extensive series of secondary and tertiary care to the community. The hospital has professional team management of patient care and they also diagnosis the diseases. They make sure that after the disease has been diagnosed they provide safe and high quality care to the patients and these all services are available under one roof.


Aga Khan is intended to promote human welfare in all-purposes and this has been made possible by circulating knowledge, instructions, guidance and by following a line of investigation. Aga Khan University is recognized as the leading private medical foundation and hospital. The building of the hospital is designed by Payette Associates on a 65-arce site in Karachi. The building has been cautiously intended by valuing the description of history, climate, environment, symbolism and the religious standards of the Muslim traditions. Almost 560 beds are there in the operating centre from which 122 are in the private sector and 117 in the semi-private sector with the facility of air conditioners, where as ICU, CCU and NICU occupies almost 251 General Ward beds and 52 special care beds and it has the lowest average length of stay of 4 days.


The hospital plays a significant role in diagnosing diseases. Advanced medical treatment is also available which includes cardiac, surgical, gynecology, pediatric and psychiatrist patients. AKUH has almost eleven major operating theaters, besides that the Surgical Day Care centre consists of 4 Operating theaters and only one is available in Obs/Gyn. The organization is also responsible for all the Day Care Surgeries as well. At AKUH, services like Laboratory, Pharmacy, nuclear medicines known as Radiology, Neurophysiology, Physiological measurements and Cardiopulmonary are even available in advanced environment.



Karachi has almost 47 phlebotomy or specimen collection centers organized by the hospital to facilitate the citizens and the same agenda has been practiced in all major cities of the country. More over, they have established nursing schools, medical school for 500 students, a mosque, housing for staff and students. AKUH received an official approval by Joint Commission International (JCI) In July 2009.


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