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“Ramadan” is an Islamic month, a month of blessings for Muslims. In Ramadan Allah has increased its rewards many times because Muslims fast for the sake of Allah. They refrain from eating, drinking and sex during fast.

The duration of fast is from the Fajr prayer (dawn) until Maghrib prayer (dusk).

The time when Muslims break their fast is known as Aftaar time. Muslim women arrange different types of dishes at home for Aftari. Before Aftari, all women at home prepare different dishes in the kitchen. Washing of food material, cutting of fruits, vegetables, marinating and boiling of chicken, preparing of different dishes and many other tasks are included in Aftari. All women take this as a responsibility. Every woman wants to make new and easy dishes. Fruit chart is a common dish in most of the homes. Most of the people prefer pakoras, samosas and other fried items. Refreshment is served with dates, which are considered an essential item for Aftari. The whole table is decorated with many delicious items and the whole family sits together for the fast-breaking meal.

Neighbors also send Aftari to each other and invite their neighbors to enjoy Aftari together. Before Aftari women go to each other’s homes to help making Aftari items. Sometimes women decide to make Aftari at home and at Aftari time all the neighbors sit together and enjoy all the items made in different homes. This scenario of care and respect for each other spread the waves of love and harmony in the atmosphere.

Aftari is not only enjoyed at home, but also at workplaces, mosques, restaurants, institutes and sometimes on road. All the employees and workers sit together at Aftari time and wait for the Maghrib prayer call (Azan-e-Maghrib). Same is the case of mosques, all the people sit together and break their fast with a date and then pray Maghrib. After prayer, the Aftari is served and everyone eats in the name on Allah. There are some people who break their fasts on road because they have no shelter. Sometimes they even have nothing more than water to break their fast. Fortunately, many Muslims care about these poor people and serve them with food each day so that they could also enjoy the blessings of Allah.

Students who live in hostels have to break their fast with their fellows. A hostel team serves them with food and drinks at Aftaar time. They enjoy Aftari with their friends and other people of the hostel. Nowadays there is a trend of enjoying Atari in restaurants with all the family members and relatives like a big feast. For this many Ramadan packages are also introduced to attract customers.

In the month of blessings everyone gains more rewards by praying and avoiding bad deeds which are not likes by Allah.


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