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Aftar Gathering

Aftar Gathering

Ramadan is an auspicious month in which the verses of Quran were revealed to our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) that is why this month is very special to all of Muslims. During this month, the Muslims keeping fasts are subjected to refrain from food and sins.

A fast starts from dawn till the sun goes down; during this time the participants must not eat or drink. This order has been issued by Allah Almighty so that the able Muslims should be reminded of those underprivileged people who are not able to even provide food to their family even once in a day. By practicing such orders one is intended to be taught about spirituality, submissiveness, humility and patience to God.

As mentioned above we should keep our unfortunate brothers in our prayers and we should help them as much as possible. We should at least arrange aftari for the needy people in our area because helping them keep fasts in this month not only increases our good deeds by ten folds but it also triggers a series of events which will surely act as our golden ticket into heaven. Traditionally the reward of giving charity during this month is 70 times greater than any other time of the year. That is why it is a common practice of Muslims to give food to the needy and helping the homeless during this month.

All over Pakistan trusts and organizations are working very hard during the Holy Month of Ramadan to provide food and shelter to the poor and needy, and the sight of people coming regularly to donate and volunteer to work is just heartwarming. The rich and able even organize aftaris for people near their houses on their own, and those not able donate to such organizations. For the truly deserving people never ask for help, they keep fasts and manage to get through the month without asking for help from anyone other than Allah. It is not hard to find such people, some we must devote some time to helping our brothers in need and arrange aftaris for them, for all we know, we might not get tomorrow and our deeds might not be enough to land us in heaven so we must try to be as good as possible and try to gather as much prayers and good deeds as possible.

Arranging aftari for people is not very hard, if you come to think of it. Lots and lots of food get wasted in our houses daily. We won’t have to even do anything more than just get the needy people to one place and even serving the leftovers will be enough. If you are not able to take an initiative then you can collaborate with your friends and/or neighbors to arrange aftari.

In this era of fraud and errors, it is hard to find trustworthy organizations for afore mentioned reason, but there are some famous names like Edhi trust and Shaukat Khanam which truly deserve to be donated to.


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