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Pakistan has a wide range of excellent cricketers. One of them is Afridi. Afridi was born on 1 March 1980, in Khyber Agency of the Federally Administered in Tribal Areas, Pakistan. Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi was popularly known as Shahid Afridi, is a Pakistani cricketer. He is actually from the Afridi tribe of the Khyber Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and was from a Pashtun family. He married a lady named Nadia and has four beautiful daughters.


Afridi is a Right hand batsman and Legbreak googly is his bowling style. During his time period from 1996 and 2012, in Pakistani national team he played 27 Tests, 334 One Day Internationals, and 46 Twenty20 International. Afridi was known as aggressive bats man. In his first international innings Afridi holds the record for the fastest ODI century, and scored 32 runs in a single over, that was the second highest scoring over ever in an ODI.


Afridi is the batsman who also holds the distinction of having hit the most number of Afridi sixes in the history of ODI cricket. He actually considers himself a better bowler than batsman , according to his record he has taken 48 Test wickets and over 300 in ODIs.  has aggressive style of batting and his style of batting has earned him the nickname “BoomBoom Afridi“. He has an ability of batting that can change the tempo of a game and inspire the audience mood. He has made record in hitting long and high sixes , he has made the longest ever six in the history of ODIs against Australia. His favorite shot is a cross-batted flick to the leg-side to a ball outside off stump. However, his violent style increases his risk of getting out and he is one of the most conflicting batsmen in cricket.



He then also took over the Test captaincy but resigned after one match due to the lack of form and ability to play Test cricket; at the same time he announced his retirement from Tests. He led the team in the 2011 World Cup but couldn’t win it due to the poor performance. In May 2011, Afridi was replaced as captain in 34 ODIs. Later that month he announced his uncertain retirement from international cricket because of the negative treatment by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB); and then in October he decided to take his decision backUNICEF and Pakistani authorities have taken Shahid Afridi on board for its anti-polio campaign in the tribal belt of lawless Waziristan region. Afridi has the talent to do better in his life and Pakistani’s are proud to have such talent in Pakistani team.


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