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Hassan Shehryar Yasin


Pakistani fashion Designer Hassan Shehryar Yasin is mostly known by his short name that is HSY. He is a qualified fashion designer and has graduated from Pakistan School of Fashion Design. Yasin’s own fashion label was first introduced in the year 2000. In France, he was affiliated with the La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne. Even in couture he ... Read More »

International Islamic University


In Pakistan, the institute of Islamic learning is known as International Islamic University. On 11th November, 1980 the institute was established in Islamabad. The focal point of the university was to generate such professionals that were imbued with Islamic teachings and can easily meet the needs of the Muslim Ummah. With the proliferation of Ordinance of 1985 the university ... Read More »

Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University


Anjaman-e-Mohi-ul-Islam Siddiquia Trust established a university named Mohi-ud-Dind University, Nerian Sahrif and AJ&K under act no.1 of 2000 of Azad Jammu and Kashmir governmental assembly. This university is licensed by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the Government of Pakistan. These universities came into being after the effort of the people of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. After the commencement ... Read More »

Hajvery University


Hajvery University is a well-known higher educational institute established in Lahore, Pakistan, shortly known as HU. This university is licensed by the government of Pakistan as an Autonomous Degree Awarding Institute. It has been sorted as a “Category W” institute by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The university has established three campuses within Pakistan and is planning to launch ... Read More »



Kachori is the most popular snack in the month of Ramadan in several areas of Pakistan. Pakistanis favorite hobby is to eat, the more they can especially in the blessed month of Ramadan. They are crazy bout eating, mostly in Ramadan oily and heavy snacks are the part of Iftar table and Kachori is also an oily yet heavy snack. ... Read More »

Lahore School of Fashion


According to the change in surroundings, the constant development is due to the progress through internet and satellite due to that an innovative change has taken place in fashion trends in all over the world. With respect to that Pakistan has also experienced the continuous change in fashion and the need of better institutes of Fashion designing occurred and to ... Read More »

Medjool dates


Medjool Dates are usually produced in the Middle East and North Africa, these can easily be cultivated in desert like areas in the world. Medjool’s are among the expensive dates and these are mainly valued for their large size. These dates are sugary in taste and are quiet juicy even when dried. There are number of dates present today but ... Read More »

Malam Jabba


The Hill Station Malam Jabba is near Karakorum mountain range and 40 km away from Saidu harif in Sawat valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. From Islamabad this hill station is 314 km away and 51 km away from Airport of Saidu Sharif. In Pakistan, Malam Jabba is home to only ski resort. The area of Malam Jabba restrains two Buddhist stupas ... Read More »



Jalebi is a well-known sweet item; it is a popular sweet in subcontinent areas like Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well as in several other countries in the Middle East and North Africa that includes Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt and Algeria. In Pakistan these are available in numerous stalls and shops. This is ... Read More »

Main Food Items in Iftari


In Ramadan Iftari is the most spiritual observances. People usually gather to break their fast together after the time of Maghrib, which is around sunset. Prophet Muhammad use to have three dates to break his fast. It is believed by Muslims that if somebody will feed someone in the form charity will be rewarded by God and this was also ... Read More »

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