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walled City of Lahore -1

lahore fort wall

The Walled City of Lahore, Capital City of Punjab, is situated near Ravi River. In the beginning, this city was 2 miles away from river Ravi but now Lahore and its outskirts are surrounding Ravi River.  This city is known as capital of Punjab from centuries but very few people know that before Chughtai Emperors (commonly known as Mughals), the ... Read More »



On 28 September, 1991 the bank was formally integrated and opened its first branch in Karachi on 9th May, 1992, after its remarkable achievements bank commenced its further operations by launching its branch in Lahore on 16th April 1992. It is one of the leading commercial banks in Pakistan. Head office of Soneri bank is in Karachi. The bank has ... Read More »


gor-khuttree (1)

The literal meaning of Gorkhatri is “Grave of Warrior”. In the neighbor of Peshawar city of province Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan, Gorkhatri is located. Peshawar itself is an ancient city. Gorkhatri with the Kanishka Vihara that is a great stupa of King Kanishka was identified by the Sir Alexander Cunningham. By Professor Dr. Ahmad Hassan Dani this place was identified where ... Read More »

Changa Manga


People living in Pakistan, especially in Punjab are not unaware when they hear a name “Changa Manga”. It is a forest, can be said a handmade or the planted one. It is said that among the largest man grown forests of the world, one is Changa Manga. This artificial forest covers an area of 48.6 square kilometers (12,000 acres). In ... Read More »

Pathany Khan


Pathany Khan is one of great folk singers of Pakistan. He sang Serieki folk. He was born in 1926 in a small village named Tambu Wali Basti in Thal desert. He usually sang the sufi poetry of Khwaja Ghulam Fareed and Shah Hussain. His actual name was Ghulam Muhammad. He was a kid when his father got married third time ... Read More »



Silk Bank was launched under the administration of State Bank of Pakistan on 15th September 2001, it was first documented as Prudential Bank, and in future it was acquired by the management of Agricultural Investment Company (Pvt) Ltd (SAPICO) and Saudi Pak Industrial. On March 31st 2008, 86.55% shares of Silk bank were acquired by Mr.Shaukat Tarin and Mr. Sadeq ... Read More »

Kinnaird College for Women

Lahore - Kinnaird College

Kinnaird College for Women is now a semi government institute located in Lahore, Pakistan. The Christian missionaries under the British Raj established it at the start of 20th century. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan recognizes this institute. At the time of its beginning in 1913, main focus of college was on Intermediate classes. The Zenana and Bible Medical Mission founded ... Read More »



If you were born in somewhere between 1970’s to 80’s, spent childhood in these years, went to school, park or at picnic with your family in summers, then you must have remembered the bell which took you out of home, when its break time in school or at off time your there would be lot of Thela’s selling different things ... Read More »

Khuwaja Parvez


Have you ever heard these Songs? Sanu ek pal Chen na away by Late Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan? Weh Sub toh Sohniye by Late Noor Jahan? Surely, we all have listened to these songs and know the singers but how many of us know who wrote these songs? So let us get to know about Khuwaja Parvez Khwaja Parvez, ... Read More »

Ayubia National Park

ayubia (1)

In the northern area of Pakistan’s District Abbotabad, Province Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Ayubia National Park is located and is one of the Pakistan’s biggest national parks. This park covers the area of 8,184 acres and seven major villages and four small towns Thandiani, Ayubia, Nathiagali and Khanspur surround this park. Name of this park is after the name of second president ... Read More »

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