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Baqai Medical College

main BMC

More than a few human beings plays a fundamental role in the progress and development of a city or a country and we have an example of men of honors, who graduated in the field of Medical and choose it as their profession known as Dr. Zahid Baqai and Dr.F.U. Baqai, were passionate for the welfare of human. They socially ... Read More »

Zarai Taraqiati Bank LTD


ZARAI TARAQIATI BANK LTD  was previously recognized as Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan (ADBP), ZTBL is its short form. On 14th December 2002, the bank was incorporated as a Public Limited Company. It was the foremost financial institution of the country. ZARAI TARAQIATI BANK LTD was devoted to promote agricultural sector through stipulation of financial services and technical experiences. They intended to ... Read More »

Seri Bahlol

seri-bahlol (3)

Seri Bahlol that is also known as Sehri Bahlol is a historical place located 70 kilometers north-west Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. This village is situated on a small hill and is and is surrounded by the sophisticated stone wall. The wall that protects the village is damaged in many places but still can be seen in many places. Seri Bahlol ... Read More »



The historical name of Gilgit-Baltistan is Balawaristan, in antiquated English it was spelled as Boloristan. In 8th century AD, the first documented usage of Balwaristan was made in Chinese, and regained some dominance in current years. The regions included in Gilgit-Baltistan are Hunza, Yasin, Ishkoman, Gilgit and Skardu. By the national parties of Gilgit considers Ladakh, Chitral and Baltistan a ... Read More »



Mehrgarh is among the important Neolithic sites in archeology. This place is located in Baluchistan, Pakistan, on “Kachi Plain”. In South Asia, it is considered the one of the earliest sites with the evidence of farming and herding. On the direction of a French archeologist Jean Francois and Catherine Jarrige, an archeological team discovered this site in 1974. Between 1974 ... Read More »

Rahimuddin Khan


A retired four star general of Pakistani Army, a man of Honor recognized as Rahimuddin Khan. His birth place is Kaimdanj, United Provinces, India. He was the student of Jamia Millia Islamia University located in Delhi, which was founded by his relative Dr. Zakir Hussain and was later acquired by an Indian President. He was also the son in law ... Read More »



On 7th November 1959, UBL came up with the revelation of unparallel evolution and unmatchable superiority which was accurate to the strength of the era. They organized an event that changed the sense of banking within Pakistan, the event was the inaugural ceremony of UBL’s initial branch in Chundrigar and it was just not the ceremony but a cultural innovation. ... Read More »

Nazia Hassan

Nazia_Hassan (1)

Pakistan gave birth to many renowned and worldwide popular personalities and Nazia Hassan is one of them. She was born in Karachi on 3 April 1965 and was brought up in Karachi and London. From Richmond American University in London, in 1991, she received bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics. By profession, she was a barrister and got her ... Read More »

Attock District


In the north west of Punjab, Pakistan is a district recognized as Attock District. It is in the midst of Pindigheb, Attock tehsil and Fatehjang from Rawalpindi District of the Punjab province of British India, the city was formed in April 1904 by the amalgamation of Talagang in the Jhelum District. In 1581, Attock Fort complex was built by the ... Read More »

Lahore Ring Road

Lahore Ring Road (10)

Around Lahore, Pakistan, an 85 km long 6-lane high-speed limited access road is constructed and named Lahore Ring Road. This road makes a link with M-2 Motorway and the N5 National Highway. Slow moving vehicles such as bicycles, motor cycles, animal-driven carriages and pedestrians are not allowed on this road and road is only restricted to fast moving vehicles. 80 ... Read More »

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