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al baraka bank

A well-known bank came up with a vision of superior services, banking according to Islamic principles, escalating networks and pioneering products to its consumers which is internationally known as Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited and its dedication is towards the Banking Industry in Pakistan. Al Baraka Islamic Bank Pakistan (AIBP) which is the branch commenced by Al Baraka Islamic Bank ... Read More »

Amjadi Begum


          If we look at the history of Indo-Pak partition there are many courageous women who worked equally hard with the men for the separate nation for Muslims named Pakistan. Freedom moment cannot be portrayed without mentioning all these women who are role model for the current generation. All the women contributed very actively in the freedom ... Read More »

Aga Khan University


 Aga Khan University is the Pakistan’s first private university independently commenced its operation in 1983, which was founded by Aga Khan. The university was the co-educational research which was spread over three continents and was named as Aga Khan University (AKU), this project was the part of Aga Khan Development Network. The university is internationally known and had almost eleven ... Read More »



In 2003, Air blue was established as a private airline and commenced its operation on 18th June 2004. Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the airline. It introduced next-generation Air bus i.e. A320 and an Aircraft A321which offered journeys to many cities in Pakistan. It scheduled three flights daily from Karachi to Lahore and Karachi to Islamabad but after struggling for ... Read More »

Sohail Ahmed


When we talk about, why the satellite television is being watched in the villages of Pakistan nowadays? What converts a serious hardcore political content into a humorous touchy subject? How a Political satire can bring social change & how it suddenly converts the mindset of a viewer? How International audience became addict with Political Satire of Pakistan? The answer comes ... Read More »

Aga Khan University Hospital


 Many institutes have served Pakistan in multiple ways; Aga Khan University Hospital is also from these organizations that have nailed their missions in the development of the country. Shortly it is known as AKUH. In 1985, in Karachi the hospital was first established. Aga khan was the founder of the hospital; a noble person came up with a vision to ... Read More »

Syed Ali Hamadani

syed Ali Hamadani

Syed Ali Hamadani was born on 12 Rajab-Ul-Murjab 714 Hijri in Hamadan a city of Iran. His father was Syed Shahab Uddin whose link can be traced back to Imam Zain Ul Abedein (a.s) and finally to Hazrat Ali (a.s). Name of his mother was Syeda Fatima who reached to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) through seventeen links. Syed Ali Hamadani belonged ... Read More »

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