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Begum Raana liaquat Ali Khan


  Begum Raana Liaquat Ali Khan is known as first Muslim women who worked as an ambassador, first Muslim governor and firs chancellor of the University of Karachi. She was first Muslim women to receive the Women achievement medal, Jan Adams medal and United Nation’s Human rights award in history.              Begum Raana Liaquat Ali Khan was born on 13th ... Read More »



BANK  As Pakistan is an Islamic country its ideology is based on teachings of Islam and it encourages the same ideology to be followed by the bank. Bank Islami is one of an Islamic Bank which strictly follows the principles of Islam. In 2003, its idea was first put forward by Company Limited, Jahangir Saddiqui and Randeree family. On 16th ... Read More »

Baltit Fort


In Gilgit-Baltistan in Hunza Valley, an ancient fort knows as Baltit Fort or Balti Fort was built 700 years ago. A local prince in 16 century married princes of Baltistan and as a part of her dowry she brought the master Balti craftsmen to renovate the fort for her. The Tibetan style of Buddhist reflects from the architecture that gives ... Read More »

Bibi Pak Daman

bibi pak daman

Bibi Pak Daman is the name of a mausoleum situated near Empress Road Lahore. It is a crowded and massively visited monument. This place holds graves of six women.  Meaning of the name Bibi Pak Daman is “chaste lady” or “Lady of Purity”. This name refers collectively to all six women buried inside the tomb but some say it refers ... Read More »



On 21st June, 1992 the Bank Alfalah was launched under the Companies Ordinance in 1984 as a public limited company. On 1st November, it integrated its operations. This bank is owned by Abu Dhabi Group and it is the private bank in Pakistan. In 1962, the bank introduced commercial banking and interrelated services as described by the Banking companies ordinance. ... Read More »

Services Hospital Lahore

services hospital

As a satellite clinic for Mayo Hospital in 1958, a separate mini hospital for government was established on Jail Road Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. In 1960, this clinic was named as Wahdat Hospital and then was renamed as Services Hospital. It became the teaching hospital in 1977 for the Allama Iqbal Medical Collage. It was promoted to teaching hospital for Postgraduate ... Read More »

Expo Center Lahore

expo center lahor

Expo Center of Lahore is located at Johar Town Lahore, which is used for Exhibitions, Conventions and trade fairs. It is owned by Ministry of Commerce & Trade Development of Pakistan along with Government of Punjab through its Industries Dept. This Center is built on an initiative of Trade & Development Authority to facilitate Exhibitions, Corporate Functions, Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Exporters, ... Read More »



The only bank run by an army is Askari Bank, which is known to be the master in banking. On 9th October, 1991, the bank was integrated in Pakistan as a Public Limited Company. It launched its operations on 1st April1992. The bank predominantly deals with banking, as distinct in the Banking Company Ordinance. Askari head quarter is in Rawalpindi, ... Read More »


Reshma pakistani singer

          Pakistan is the country that gave birth to many folk and sufi singers. Reshma is one of those folk singers of Pakistan. Not just in Pakistan but she is very popular in many countries especially in India. Reshma was born  in Bikaner a small village in Rajasthan. She belonged to a gypsy family. Her family soon ... Read More »

Bara Market Rawalpindi

bara market

Rawalpindi is a fully lively city, which would amaze you with its life intensity and friendliness. If Islamabad characterizes the open-minded aspect of Pakistan, Rawalpindi symbolises the antiquated traditional charm of primitive Pakistan. There is no shortage of popular vacationer fascinations in Rawalpindi. If you are intending a tour of cities of Pakistan, then Rawalpindi would be a complete traveller ... Read More »

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