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golay wala

Gola, in English it can be known as shaved ice or crushed ice. It is an ice based dessert. In Pakistan, it is very popular among people especially children get attracted towards it easily because of its colorful and catchy look. It is not difficult to find it in Pakistan especially in summers where you can see hawkers and carts ... Read More »

Baba Mehar Din

baba mehar din

Baba Mehar Din, the one who Spent his life at Wahga Border in Lahore. This is the rule of the nature, when someone comes, he has to go and we just have glimpses of the gone one. Baba Mehar Din, the dedicated Pakistani whom we miss whenever we go to Wahga Border in Lahore, where he spent almost all of ... Read More »

Raj Rishi Dewan Dayaram Gidumal Shahani (1857-1927)


Founder of Sindh Sabha & D.J. Science College in Karachi Born in Hyderabad Sindh, Dayaram Gidumal was among Sindh’s first graduates. He did his B.A and his Law degree at Bombay University and joined government service in 1887. He was nominated as Judicial Commissioner of Sindh but he refused to become a high court Judge and resigned in 1911. During ... Read More »

Gur Making

gur making in pakistan

Gur is sweet in taste and honey brown colored raw form of sugar. Gur is made of sugarcanes and at times refers as natural sugar. Gur Making is famous in Punjab both in Pakistan and India. The uncontaminated and clarified juice of sugarcane is boiled at the point, where it left in a solid form is called gur. Gur can ... Read More »

Kot Lakhpat Industrial Estate

kot lakhpat industrial estate

Many industrial estates can be found in the Punjab. In Punjab, Kot Lakhpat industrial estate is near to city Lahore. Among all industrial estates, the oldest one planned industrial estate is Kot Lakhpat Industrial Estate. Kot Lakhpat industrial estate is now known as Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate. This project started in 1960’s under the Pakistani and Canadian Joint Assistance Program. This is ... Read More »

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

faiz ahmed faiz

Faiz Ahmed Faiz was the great revolutionary Urdu poet of Pakistan. Faiz was born in Sialkot, Punjab on 13 February 1911. He belonged to a family of landowners. Faiz’s father was a successful lawyer who was much interested in literature as well. Many literary figures including Sir Allama Iqbal national poet of Pakistan were the people who were very close ... Read More »

Alhamra Arts Council

alhamra arts council

Alhamra is a beautiful building made of red bricks. Alhamra is an Arabic word. The literal meaning of word Alhamra is woman in red cloths. This building is located on Shahrah Quaid-e-Azam previously known as Mall Road. Alhamra Arts Council is an art and cultural complx. The one of Pakistan’s renowned architect Nayyer Ali Dada designed this complex. The project ... Read More »

Arfa Software Technology Park

arfa karim software technology park

The project of Arfa Software Technology Park started in 2006 as Lahore Technology Park. This seventeen-story building is the country’s largest information and communication technology park. This building is located in Lahore and is the first international standard facility of Pakistan. This technology park was built with the cooperation of the china and it reflects the Pak-China friendship. This park ... Read More »

The Hon.Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi 1830-1895

hassanally-effendi .jpg

The Founder of Sindh Medarasah Tul Islam , Hon. Khan Bahadur Hssanally Effendi played an important role in enlightening Muslim’s education in Sindh. He had to struggle very hard to educate himself as there were neither english schools nor Law schools in Sindh. When he was young, education was abysmal among Muslims. The son of a religious and spiritual guide, ... Read More »

Clifton Karachi

clifton karachi beach

If we think of Karachi, first thing that comes in mind is seaside and when think of seaside the first name which appears is, Clifton Karachi. This seaside is the most famous and most visited seashore of Karachi among Sands pit, Cape Mount, Manora, Giddani beach which is Baluchistan actually but it is near to Karachi and people of Karachi ... Read More »

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