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Eight World Records of Pakistan

national anthem world record pakistan

Punjab Youth Festival is one of the world’s biggest festivals. This festival is held yearly in the Punjab a province of Pakistan. The purpose of this festival is to provide the positive environment and opportunities of creative activities to the youth. By taking part in such festivals, youth can learn how to be creative, hard working, achieve targets and their ... Read More »

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti

sufi ahmad murad chishti

Sufi Ahmed Murad Chishti was an American who was born on October 18, 1896 to a Jewish couple. He became the mystic of Sufi Chishti order and was the student of Inayat Khan. His teacher gave him his name Ahmed Murad in 1946. His actual name was Samuel Lewis. He devoted his life for the peace. Lewis as a child ... Read More »

Metro Bus Lahore

Lahore Metro bus

Metro Bus in Lahore is only a bus rapid transit system of Pakistan. Metro bus is a facility that people of Lahore were in dire need. Not just Lahore all the major cities of Pakistan need such good, comfortable and economic transport facility. First proposal for this project was given in 1991 and in 1993; the Lahore Traffic and Transport ... Read More »

Election Campaign in Balochistan

election candidates quetta 2013

Elections 2013 in Balochistan is on the steady process. Though due to security threats the colour of election campaigning is not as that of past days but we can see its vibes. The roads and streets of Quetta city are decorated with party flags, the walls are covered with posters. Some candidates have made their election symbol come alive by ... Read More »

Lahori Breakfast


Lahori Breakfast is famous all over the world. People living in Lahore are very fond of food and it will not wrong if said that people of Lahore are food lovers. People from Lahore are very popular all over the country because of their love for food. Food industry of Lahore is one of the country’s largest and busiest industries. People living ... Read More »

Ras Malai


Ras Malai is one of  traditional sweet dishs originated in India. The desert Ras Malai is very famous in sub continent. People in India and Pakistan call it Ras Malai and people from Bangladesh call it Rosh Malai. The word Ras Malai is made up of two word “Ras” and “Malai”. Meaning of word “Ras” is juice and meanings of ... Read More »

GC University Faisalabad

GC University Faisalabad

GC University Faisalabad is one of the Pakistan’s renowned institutions situated in an agricultural city named Faisalabad. It has been more than a century that this institution is progressing towards excellence in the field of education. Many renowned personalities offered their services to the institution in different times. Government Collage University aims at providing the high quality of education. University ... Read More »


kenchay in pakistan

Kenchay are  small balls made of glass, clay, steel, plastic and marble. Size of these balls varies. Common sizes are ½ inch (1.3 cm) to 1 inch (2.6cm). However, they can be as smaller as 1/30 inches (0.111 cm) and larger as 3 inches (7.75 cm). Marble is the English name of kencha but in Pakistan it has a few other ... Read More »



Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited or PTCL is Pakistan’s pioneer and leading telecom company. It is the first and mega land line providing company of Pakistan. It will not be wrong if it is said that PTCL is the backbone of Pakistan’s telecommunication infrastructure.             History of telecommunication in subcontinent can be traced before the partition of Indo-Pak ... Read More »

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