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Salt Crystal Lamps

salt lamp pyramid

Salt crystal lamps are made from crystal salt rock [formed by nature millions of years ago] and crafted by hand very carefully to maintain its originality. It is unique in look and gives free natural alternative nutrias to surrounding which improve air freshness. These salt crystal lamps are produced in Pakistan near Chakwal (Khewra). Pakistan has one of the biggest ... Read More »

Chunri Dresses

chunri dresses

Chunri or Dopatta is used to cover head and body and its a symbol of grace. Chunri dresses are also famous due to its colors and style available in market. Chunri dresses are trendy, casual and unique feeling of style. The primary use of dupatta is to cover the head but in current fashions the dupatta is frequently draped over ... Read More »

Special Communications Organization

special communications organization

Special Communications Organization (SCO) Special Communication Organization was established in 1976. SCO is operated by Pakistan Army. Signal Battalion of Pakistan Army is operating SCO in Azad Kashmir AJK and Gilgit. History: Ministry of Information and technology maintained by Pakistan Army is operating Special communications organization which is a government organization. Special communications organization (SCO) is playing major role in proving ... Read More »

Punjabi Dress

punjabi dress

People in Punjab wear colorful and stylish clothes. There are countless designs for both men and women. Punjabi Dress is famous for its styles and look. These dresses express the culture of Pakistan. A very common wear is shalwar Kamiz among men and women. There are different types of fabrics available according to taste, region and culture. The suit can ... Read More »

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf

pakistan tehreek insaf

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf a newly emerged political party chaired by sports man Mr. Imran Khan was perceived after establishing Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. The party has following structure. Founded: 25th April 1996 Leader of the Party: Imran Khan (Chairman) President: Javed Hashmi Secretary General: Dr.Arif Alvi Central & senior vice President: Hamid Khan, Ejaz Choudhry, Asad Umar Vice chairman: Shah ... Read More »

Pakistan Peoples Party

pakistan peoples party

History: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is one of the major and influential parties in the country founded on 30th November 1967 at a convention held in Lahore. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was elected its first chairman and party leader. Bhutto’s program directly targeted the country’s poverty-stricken masses .The left oriented slogan Land to Landless and (Roti Kapra aur Makan) attracted the masses. ... Read More »

Rawat Fort

rawat fort

Pakistan has inherited a wide array of heritage sites, six of which have been inscribed on the list of “World Heritage Sites”. Other than those six heritage sites, Pakistan have a lot more sites which are considerable for the tourists and cultural heritage. Some small sites are not known to many people but still these have a history behind. One ... Read More »

Minhaj ul Quran

minhaj ul quran

Minhaj ul Quran was established in 17th October 1980. It has rapidly grown by then and has its network spread across 90 countries worldwide, with its well defined objectives and aims and all–encompassing sphere of activity, including education, welfare, promotion of love, culture and spiritual uplift worldwide. Minhaj-ul-Quran International is one of the largest non-political, non-sectarian non-governmental organizations in the ... Read More »

American Tourists in Pakistan

american tourist in pakistan

Pakistan has always been a tourist paradise for travelers and tourists. American tourists in Pakistan are found oftentimes.  This place was famous in hippies of west. They used to call it ‘hippie trail’. The people are hospitable and moving around here is quite inexpensive. As advantage a tourist finds himself in heaven on earth. The beautiful valleys, mountains, rivers and ... Read More »

American Cultural Relations with Pakistan

american cultural relations with Pakistan

American culture is penetrating in Pakistan and American Government is promoting the cultural activities in a broader prospect to improve the American cultural relations with Pakistan. There is a cultural affair section established in US embassy in Pakistan. Cultural Affair section arranges different cultural activities among Americans and Pakistani and play vital role in making relations stronger. Here are some ... Read More »

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