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Pakistani Mehndi Designs (Henna)

mehndi design

The Beautiful Mehndi Tradition In Pakistan Mehndi is actually a tradition, which has been observed in the East for centuries. It is basically a temporary form of skin decoration. The attractive Mehndi designs can easily win the hearts of women and young girls. Mehndi can grab the attention of women easily within a few seconds it is a part of ... Read More »

Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani

Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani

The life and teachings of Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani: The province of Sindh, Pakistan has deep cultural roots and a rich history. It has the honor of being the first one to receive the light of Islam and used to be the hub of a lot of renowned Sufi saints, poets and literary figures who spread the knowledge of Islam ... Read More »

Pakistan Election 2013

pakistan election 2013

A new milestone is going to be achieved in era of Politics of Pakistan. Pakistan Election 2013 is expected in first quarter of May.  The electoral body is responsible for its scheduling and nominations for candidates to elect MPs. This will be the 14th National assembly of the Parliament of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Elections have to be held within ... Read More »

Pak-India Relations


Pak-India Relations If people of any particular country want peace in their country then they should maintain good relations with other countries. These relations are made especially with powerful countries of the world as only powerful countries can support a particular country but along the powerful countries of the world it is necessary to maintain good relations with neighboring countries. ... Read More »

Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin

pir shahabuddin

Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin: The famous Sufi Poets of Sindh: Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin were renowned Sufi poets of Sindh Province who have devoted all their lives in spreading the light of Islam in Sindh and all over Indo-Pak subcontinent. Sindh language and culture was made extremely popular and rich by the teachings and the writings of these ... Read More »

Pir Nooruddin

Pir Nooruddin

Pir Nooruddin: The Great Sindhi Sufi Poet: The province of Sindh in Pakistan is famous for its glorified ancient history and has been a hub of many literary, cultural and social activities for decades. The language of Sindh is called Sindhi and its one of the oldest languages of Asia. Sindh’s civilization is rich in literature, philosophy, music and oriental ... Read More »

Hunza Valley


Hunza valley- Heaven on Earth Hunza is one of the most exotic place in Pakistan was a former princely state for about 900 years which came to an end in 1974. Hunza valley is the prime attraction for tourists as the spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains is overwhelming. The valley provides views of most beautiful and magnificent mountains of ... Read More »

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism

gilgit baltistan tourism

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism Gilgit strategically the most important region in the Karakorum and the trade center and capital town. It is the land of mountains, glaciers, organic hidden valleys, lakes and mountain Rivers and stream flows here are full of Himalayan trout. Fishing is the most favorite and famous hobby of the people who visit here. Gilgit Baltistan is a ... Read More »

Pak-China Relationships

pak-china relations

Pak-China Relationships A country’s existence can’t stay for much longer if the country doesn’t have good relations with some other countries. Relations are mostly built with those countries that are strong and powerful in every aspect such as U.S.A and China. Fortunately Pakistan has good relations with both of the super powers of the world U.S.A and China especially with ... Read More »



NADRA National Database and Registration Authority NADRA is one of the high ranked federal departments of Pakistan. It is known to be the most flourishing project of Pakistan which made a great authoritative strive in Pakistan’s modern history. It was developed in 1998 by Ministry of Interior when a contract was signed with IBM for the development of computerized national ... Read More »

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