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Punnu Fort


There are several forts built in history by many Mughal Emperors. Punnu Fort is an example of these. The remaining of this fort are located in Turbat at the distance of 15 km. Turbat is the city situated in the northern part of Balochistan. This fort could date back to 6000-8000 BC according to the analysis of some archeologists. The ... Read More »

Pishin Valley


In Balochistan, Pakistan in the Pishin District lies a beautiful valley famous as Pishin valley. From Quetta it is about 50 km away. The place is equipped with numerous orchards. Pishin Valley consists of thousands of fruit orchard. It is basically a fruitful land where numerous crops and fruits are grown. This valley is mostly famous for its greenery and ... Read More »

Pir Sohawa


Pir Sohawa is a flat terrain pictorial rural sight which is situated near the capital of Pakistan that is Islamabad. It is situated at an altitude of 5000 feet and is sited in Margalla Hills in the district of Haripur. For the residents of Islamabad the place plays a role of picnic spot. Pir Sohawa is sighted near Monal Village, which ... Read More »

Pir Mangho


The Urs of famous Sufi Pir Mangho i.e Haji Syed Sakhi Sultan took place once in a year. The shrine of his is located at Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The urs marks the death anniversary of Pir Mangho. In Dhu-al-HIjjah the Islamic month this event took place. This Urs completely differs from the more extensively known Sheedi Mela. In Karachi, it is the ... Read More »

Pir Chinasi


In Pakistan, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir lies the most well-known and the highest place Pir Chinasi. The altitude of Muzaffarabad is about 2200 ft from the sea level where as the height of Pir Chinasi is about 10,250 ft.  It is basically a Shrine of Saint of Grater Kashmir Hazrat Shah Hussain, renowned as the Kind of mountains, lord of lions. ... Read More »

Phandar Valley


On earth, Pakistan is the luckiest country, that has been conferred with four different seasons, among these Autumn is more eye-catching for photography in Gilgit-Baltistan as during this season the valleys turns into colors like yellow, brown, orange, red and golden which looks very appealing to the eye. Phandar valley is also an attractive valley which is positioned in District ... Read More »

National College of Business Administration and Economics


National College of Business Administration and Economics, shortly termed as NCBA&E, it is basically a private institute situated in Lahore, Pakistan. In 1994, it was founded as a private institute. In 2002, the college finally got licensed by the Government of Punjab. The main focus of the university was on research. Based on the standard developed by HEC for university positioning in ... Read More »

Nilofer Shahid


Nilofer Shahid is one of the notable personalities of Pakistan.  He has got the supreme honor to exhibit next to “Balenciaga” known as the King of Couture at Haute Couture Week in Paris in 2006. Even in 2007, she was the only designer from Pakistan to be invited by “Le Chambre de la couture” to display her collection on the ... Read More »

Omar Mansoor


Omar Mansoor is basically London based fashion designer. He is a qualified designer from London College of Fashion, which is among the prestigious Schools in UK. This UK based Pakistani fashion designer pursued designing as his career when he was just a teenager. He has been listed in the rank of most popular international fashion designers, who have modernized the ... Read More »

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design


Fashion has acquired prominent place in today’s world and keeping this in mind many institutes have played their role to provide better understanding of fashion trends. Among these the most prominent institute that has played vital role in generating world class fashion designers know as Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, it is commonly known as PIFD. This institute offers ... Read More »

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