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The Earl of Reading

earl of reading

The Earl of Reading was a politician, jurist and an English lawyer. He also served as last Liberal Foreign Secretary. In 1918 he served for multiple positions of Ambassador to the United States and   as Lord Chief Justice.  For the position of viceroy of India he left the office of chief justice ship. He was in favour of conciliatory policy and in ... Read More »

Sir William Denison

sir william denison

Sir William Denison was born in London, England. He got his education at the Royal Military College and Eton College then in 1826 he got admission in Royal Engineers. He served as Governor of Madras, Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen’s Land and also Governor of New South Wales. He was a strong advocate and his education at Royal Engineers made him a ... Read More »

Saeed Ahmed


Mr. Saeed Ahmed was one of the legendary cricketers who got the talent to play the strokes all over the wicket. He is no doubt a great name in all time legendary cricketers who proved himself as an allrounder. He played 41 tests throughout his career. He was a right handed middle order batsman and right-arm off spinner. Mr. Saeed ... Read More »

Cement Industry Pakistan


Cement is one of the most important Industrial sector and source of trade of Pakistan there are many private limited companies throughout Pakistan having huge volume of trading providing big business in shape of small and big dealer of cement product locally and internationally. Cement Industry is playing vital role in socio economic development to promote the export and decrease ... Read More »

Fatima Jinnah Women University


The first Women University of Pakistan is named in the tribute, for contribution and sacrifices, of MADR-E-MILLAT Fatima Jinnah to the cause of women emancipation. Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) was established in 1998 at old presidency, located at the Mall, in Rawalpindi Cantonment. It is the first women university in Pakistan. University building was originally built as a residence ... Read More »

Sir Robert Napier

sir robert napier

Sir Robert Napier was a British soldier and a field marshal. At Addiscombe Military Academy he got his education and when he was 18 years of age he joined Bengal Engineers, and reached India in 1828. For several years Napier was employed at Public Works Department and then appointed of Sirhind before his promotion to Captain. In india Mutinity he ... Read More »

Warren Hastings

warren hastings

Warren Hastings, who was born on 6 Dec, 1732, was the first Governor General of India and reigned from 1773 to 1785. He is renowned for his great contribution for the civil administration, he strive hard to establish an organized system for Anglo-Indian security and prosperity. In 1975 he was appointed as the Administration in charge of Murshidabad, later on, ... Read More »

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed


Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was born in Hong Kong on 10th September 1928. Before Pakistan came into being his family migrated into a village ladian situated inside Gujrat district Pakistan. There in 1950 he enrolled himself to join one of the prestigious services of Pakistan and was commissioned in the Punjab Regiment of Pakistan Army. He hailed from Rajput family. The name of his father was Master Abdullah Bhatti, and his ... Read More »

Sir John Shore

sir john shore

Sir John Shore, who was born in 1752, joined the East India Company in 1768 as a writer. He worked with Warren Hastings and learnt Persian and Bangla. He became Governor General of India during 1793 and 1798, during his tenure he never appreciated enmity and wars, and he was of opinion to maintain the Company’s reputation and to work ... Read More »

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