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Asif Iqbal


Asif Iqbal had an overall good experience in the field of cricket. He played for many national and international teams. His bowling and batting tactics were countable in the history of cricket for Paksitan.   Asif Iqbal Razvi is a former Pakistani cricket player who remained to be a captain for our team and Kent CCC. He was born on ... Read More »

Marble and Tile Industry


Marble stone and tiles is a very big trade source of Pakistan. Natural Stones of Pakistan are acknowledged world wide as best in quality, variety and color, marble sand stone and onyx are exclusive and unique in its shades and not found in any other region of the world. Pakistani natural onyx marbles tiles are praised internationally and our products ... Read More »

Centres of Creation-The Rug Markets in Quetta


If interior designing is your passion, If you want your home and office to look the amazing and the most unique then rug market Quetta can help you very much in this regard. In today’s article we will let you know about rug market Quetta and its specialities. We hope this will guide you in getting the perfect rug for ... Read More »

Carpets Rugs and Mats


Carpet weaving is an old art form of Pakistan and involved thousands of skilled man power throughout country. A massive rural population is associated with this cottage industry. Pakistani carpet and rugs have Irani, Afghani and mughal traditional touch the craftsmanship of Pakistani carpet reflect their ancient culture when they came from Iran Afghanistan and Samarkand Bukhara they were used to ... Read More »

Earl of Moira

earl of moira

Earl of Moira The 1st earl of Moira was born on 7th December 1754 in Ireland.  After completing his studies at Oxford, he joined the British Army and later he made a tour of sub-continent.  In 1812 he took charge as Governor General of India, during his reign he made great efforts to make the British powers supreme in the ... Read More »

History of cricket in Pakistan


The cricket team of Pakistan appeared for the first time in the cricket scene in the year 1952 in a test match. History of Cricket in Pakistan has evolved to one of the victorious cricket teams in the present world. After the India and Pakistan division in 1947, the people of Pakistan established their own nation and started encouraging the ... Read More »

Textile Industry


Textile products are basic requirement of human after food. It plays a vital role in meeting man’s basic needs. Almost every country of the world has textile industry. Some countries are best exporters while others could not fulfill their needs from their own products. Such countries import textile products to meet their requirements. Pakistan is the country having large textile ... Read More »

Earl Cornwallis

Earl Cornwallis

Earl Cornwallis The Earl Cornwallis reigned between 1762 and 1792; he served the British Army as a Colonial Administrator. Cornwallis joined the British Army in 1757; he also participated in the parliament affairs and became a member in 1760. After serving the British Army for several years as Administrative Staff and Colonial Administrator, Cornwallis was appointed as Governor General of ... Read More »

Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed


Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed was born in Tehsil Gujar Khan’s Shingori village (on 27th July 1910) inRawalpindi district of Punjab Province, Pakistan. He was commissioned in Punjab Regiment during 1944 and was serving as captain in newly formed Pakistan Army after British partition of Indo Pak subcontinent. Soon after the creation of Pakistan the arch rival (India) started to implement its evil designs against Pakistan. When majority ... Read More »

Allured Clarke


Sir Allured Clarke Field marshal Sir Allured Clarke was born on 24 Nov 1744; he was lieutenant governor for the Province of Quebec and a civil administrator. In 1795 he went o India on a secret mission to defeat Dutch Army during his journey towards the sub-continent, he was successful in his mission and work out on some administrative and ... Read More »

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