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Cane Furniture Industry in Pakistan


Cane furniture has totally changed the idea of bulky and ponderous wooden furniture. Cane is a stuff that is derived from bamboo core. It is a lot more stylish, simple and comfortable than the traditional brown or black wood stuff. It’s more durable and earth friendly. Housewives today prefer cane furniture because they can easily change its location as they ... Read More »

Student Biryani


Karachi being the business and cultural hub of Pakistan gave birth to many delicacies and marvels we all enjoy and savor. Among them is Student Biryani; known to all of us (Pakistanis that is). Even though countless people enjoy the meals served at the Student Biryani outlets everyday there are just some who know where and how it all began. ... Read More »

Migrants in Karachi


Defined as a group of people with idiosyncratic philosophical, religious and/or political opinions; sects are everywhere. In Pakistan there are countless sects all over the country namely countless exist in Karachi. Following the diversity of population available in Pakistan one cannot be sure as of how many sects are there; may that be political or religious. Following the existence of ... Read More »

Arfa Karim


These golden words were uttered by Arfa Karim in one of her interview. In such a brief period of her life time, achieving the MCP degree was a fact which made the geniuses of this world astonished. She was born on 2nd February 1995 in an insignificant village, Ram Diwali (Faisalabad, Pakistan), which is to be named as ‘Arfa Nagar’ after ... Read More »

Sultan Sikandar Lodhi (1488-1518 AD)


After the death of Behlol Lodhi, Nizam Khan, the son of Behlol and Bibi Ambha was nominated as the next king while the other chiefs desired to put Barbak Shah, the ruler of Jaunpur and other son of Behlol. Finally Nizam Khan sat on the throne titled as Sikandar Lodhi on July 15, 1489 AD but Barbak Khan declared his ... Read More »

Rohtas Fort


Rohtas fort was built basically for military purposes in 1541-43. Sher Shah Suri built a strong equipped complex at the North West of city Jehlum (now the part of Pakistan), after the defeat of Mughal Emperor Humayun. The fort was built to control the aggressive local people, the GHAKKARS, and as a safety measure against the return of Humayun. But it did not ... Read More »

Khizar Khan (1412-1421 AD)


After the ravages of Amir Timor at Delhi and the end of Tughlaq Dynasty, Khizar Khan founded the Sayyed Dynasty in the north of India of the medieval ages. His claim to the throne was recognized by Sayyed Jalal-ud-Din, the religious chief of Bukhara. Though the historians have quoted him as the descendent of the Prophet of Islam (Peace be ... Read More »

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Lahore


Genesis: Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) came into existence in the year 1995. It was a single school in the beginning and was named as Pakistan School of Fashion Design. This school is now one of the four schools of the institute. The need for establishing a fashion school in Pakistan was felt in the 90’s by the ... Read More »

Sayyed Dynasty (1412-1451)


In the age of Mohammad Tughlaq, the Muslim empire lost its control over the area encompassed by the predecessors and the revolt raised their heads there and then which could not be countered by the feeble rulers of the Muslim empire. The Hindu Rajas of Deccan liberated themselves from the submission to the Muslim center and declared their independences challenging ... Read More »

Library – State Bank of Pakistan


Introduction: The State Bank of Pakistan library was founded in 1949 at Central Directorate, Karachi. The library’s building was shifted to the 5th floor of the new State Bank building in 1961. In 1995 an adjacent building, originally Imperial Reserve Bank of India’s building, was acquired for library use as more space was required. In 2005, the library was moved ... Read More »

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