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Tomb of Jan Baba

Niche at the Tomb of Mirza Jan Baba, Thatta

Thatta is being proud to be one of the historical, ancient cities situated 4 miles from Indus River in Sindh province, Pakistan. Thatta is famous for the amazing Shah Jahan Mosque, also for the world largest necropolises. This necropolises is located in Makli is about 15 kilometers having hundred of houses and is the home of millions of graves (i.e. ... Read More »

Tomb of Diwan Shurfa Khan


Pakistan is not only the country which is famous for its beautiful rivers, high peak mountains, attractive scenery & agriculture but it is also famous for the historical monuments. Major of the historical places, statues, art work, designs is located in Sindh, a province of Pakistan. A small area situated in Sindh is few miles from Thatta 8 Km in ... Read More »

The Pathans of Quetta


The Pathans or Pakhtoons are one of the famous and unique nations of the world. They have a rich history and culture. In this article we shall know about the Pathans of Quetta. The Pathans in Quetta lives in majority in sibi , chaman ,Qila Saif Ulla ,Loralai, Ziarat and Zhob. Pathans are famous for their bravery and urge to ... Read More »

Animal Buying-Eid ul Azha


Time of Festival of Sacrificing and the Excitement of the Animal Buying The animal buying occurs in Pakistan at very large scale at the time of Eid-ul-Azha because in Eid-ul-Azha animals are sacrificed in the name of God by worldwide Muslims, it is a festival of Muslims. The animal buying happens in almost every city of Pakistan because Pakistan is ... Read More »

Tomb of Heer


Heer and Ranjha were among the most famous people of Punjab. Their love story is very famous among the people but it was a very tragic love story. The folktale on the story of Heer-Ranjha was presented by Waris Shah. Tomb of heer is situated in Jhang. Heer and Ranjha both were buried in Jhang and their lovers visit the ... Read More »

Tomb of Shams Tabraiz


There is no doubt to say that Pakistan is very rich and a country that full of many types of treasures. These treasures are available under the soil of the Pakistan in the shape of natural elements and also over the soil of the Pakistan. Pakistan’s natural beauty, the historical buildings, Tombs, Mausoleums are also considered the cultural treasures of ... Read More »

Jhelum Valley


After Prophet Noah’s flood, Kashmir is said to be the first mass of land to emerge. It is a place from prehistoric era and consists of magnificent pieces of history. Jhelum Valley is based on different beliefs of prehistoric times and is situated at the starting point of River Jhelum. The river is one of the largest rivers of Pakistan, ... Read More »



In every country there are some customs and some festivals which are usually based on the festivals that are part of the major religion followed within the country. Same is the case with Pakistan which is a Muslim country and all the common festivals celebrated in Pakistan are the one that are part of Islam. One of these Islamic festivals ... Read More »

The Tomb of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakria (RA)


Multan is the sacred city of Pakistan. The city is famous for the shrines, Masjids, and symbolic tombs of the Aulia Allah (The Saints). Multan is the only city of Pakistan that has the pride over the other cities of the country to welcome a large number of the respected and noble personalities of the Muslims. The ruin of Western ... Read More »

Dagbir Mosque

Dagbir Mosque

Dagbir Mosque is an old mosque made by bricks in the historic town of Thatta in the Sindh Province. Thatta is located at some 100 km east of Karachi which is the capital of Sindh Province. City of Thatta once leading the Indus delta was the capital of Sindh during 14th century. It provides a convenient run away for citizens of ... Read More »

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